Publications of the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society, Volume 3

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The Society, 1875

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Page 435 - That the thanks of the Society, be presented to the Hon. SA Douglass, for his eloquent and practical address, and that he be requested to furnish a copy of the same for publication in the Transactions of the Society.
Page 204 - It will be fatal to freedom and progress in opinion and practice. On the other hand, nothing will so stimulate the healthy growth of the profession, both in scientific strength and in the honorable estimation of the public, as the universal and sincere adoption of a platform which shall recognize and guarantee: 1. A truly fraternal good-will and fellowship among all who devote themselves to the care of the sick.
Page 307 - Sharp, deep pain in lower portion of left scapula, followed by sharp pain through centre of right lung. Sharp pain in lumbar region that pulled him over back and sidewise, so sharp that it made him groan out loud.
Page 263 - Remedies," containing probably all that was previously known.In consideration of these conditions your Committee have not opened the envelopes containing the name of the author; at the same time they do not wish to be understood as placing a low estimate on these productions which, it is hoped, will soon be perfected by their author and published in the annals of this society as among the foremost and best that have ever been presented.
Page 204 - ... course of treatment." No tests of orthodoxy in medical practice should be applied to limit the freedom of consultations. Medicine is a progressive science. Its history shows that what is heresy in one century may and probably will be orthodoxy in the next. No greater misfortune can befall the medical profession than the action of an influential association or academy establishing a creed or standard of orthodoxy or
Page 190 - Krebs was accepted, and it was voted that the thanks of the Society be presented to him for his elegant and generous gift.
Page 521 - In explaining these things (he says), I esteem myself as composing a solemn hymn to the Author of our bodily frame ; and in this, I think, there is more true piety than in sacrificing to him hecatombs of oxen, or...
Page 337 - Gastralgia; cramps in the stomach. Abdomen. Dull pain in region of liver, aggravated by inhalation, relieved by exhalation. Heavy, distressed feeling in region of gall bladder when lying on the right side. Pain in bowels, as if a diarrhoea would come on.
Page 293 - Hard pain in right wrist. Frequent severe, but not very sharp pains between the third and fourth metacarpal bones of left hand. Hard aching pain in left forefinger. Hard aching pain in right hand. Dull pain in left thumb.
Page 334 - Sharp cramping pain in pit of stomach, followed by raising, belching and gulping enormous quantities of tasteless wind followed by hiccough and discharge of flatulence from the bowels. Sharp, cutting pains in epigastrium.

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