Chronological Tables of Universal History: Sacred and Profane, Ecclesiastical and Civil; from the Creation of the World, to the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-three. With a Preliminary Discourse on the Short Method of Studying History; and a Catalogue of Books Necessary for that Purpose; with Some Remarks on Them, Volume 1

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A. Millar, J. Newbery, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, D. Wilson, S. Crowder and Company T. Jefferys, A. Hamilton, J. Coote, H. Payne and Company T. Becket and Company and J. Walter., 1762 - Chronology, Historical - 496 pages

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Page 291 - I. II. III. IIII, or IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. VIIII, or IX X. XI. XII. XIII. XIIII, or XIV. XV. XVI. XVII.
Page 289 - Nonis Decembris. Octavo Idus Decembris. Septimo Idus Decembris. Sexto Idus Decembris. Quinto Idus Decembris. Quarto Idus Decembris. Tertio Idus Decembris. Pridie Idus Decembris.
Page 41 - Greece ; and that he might never forget his resolution, he commanded one of his officers to cry out to him with a loud voice every night, when he was at supper,
Page cxxiii - Janvier 171 j , chargé de la continuation de l'Hiftoire généalogique & chronologique de la Maifon Royale de France & des grands Officiers de la Couronne ; commencée par le P.
Page xcv - Remarques fur la bonté de leurs Ouvrages , & fur le choix des meilleures Editions ; par M.
Page xii - Exodus to the foundation of the Temple in the fourth year of Solomon's reign.
Page 208 - Lepidus. M. Apuleius Nepos. P. Silius Nerva. C. Sentius Saturninus. Q. Lucretius Vefpillo. P.
Page 90 - Here he kept hia • bed, fuffering inexpreflible torments, occafioned chiefly by the vermin which bred in his body, and the ftench, which made him infupportable even to himfelf. But the torments of his mind, caufed by his reflecting on the former actions of his life, furpafled by many degrees thofe of his body.
Page 215 - Rufinus L. Statius Quadratus T. Bellicius Torquatus T. Claudius Atticus Herodes Lollianus Avitus C. Gavius Maximus Antoninus Pius Auguftus, 4° M.
Page 200 - C. Cornelius Cethegus; Q. Minucius Rufus. L. Furius Purpureo; M. Claudius Marcellus. M. Porcius Cato; L. Valerius Flaccus. P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus П; Ti.

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