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An interesting and informative book for anyone that loves history, especially of Kentucky.
It's amazing how comprehensive a history book can be in only 500 pages. There are parts that made me
upbeat about progress in Kentucky only to have that optimism shattered as gains fall back decades. There are some funny parts and disappointing stories. This will a book I will read again.
A few drawbacks though. A NEW History of Kentucky is almost 20 years old. I can only hope for a rewrite soon. It's written like a history book including the two-column page format and he book jumps back and forth in the timeline as it covers topics in a given period. It occasionally omits names. An example like, The County Judge went to jail, but wouldn't give the judge's name. I would have like to know these names to look up the stories later.
After finishing New History I've been living in the past by regretting I hadn't read 20 years ago.

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