All about Nashville: A Complete Historical Guide Book to the City

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Marshall & Bruce Company, 1912 - Nashville (Tenn.) - 231 pages

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Page 32 - With the exception of his rear guard, his army had become a disheartened and disorganized rabble of halfarmed and barefooted men, who sought every opportunity to fall out by the wayside and desert their cause, to put an end to their sufferings. The rear guard, however, was undaunted and firm, and did its work bravely to the last.
Page 30 - Steedman holding the position he had gained early in the morning. The total result of the day's operations was the capture of sixteen pieces of artillery and 1,200 prisoners, besides several hundred stand of small arms and about forty wagons.
Page 36 - Dear Mother : Oh, how painful it is to write to you ! I have got to die to-morrow morning — to be hanged by the Federals. Mother, do not grieve for me. I must bid you good-bye forever. Mother, I do not fear to die. Give my love to all. Your son, Samuel Davis.
Page 36 - 'I know that I will have to die but I will not tell where I got the information and there is no power on earth that can make me tell. You are doing your duty as a soldier and I am doing mine. If I have to die I will do so feeling that I am doing my duty to God and my country.
Page 36 - I pleaded with; and urged him with all the power I possessed to give me some chance to save his life, for I discovered that he was a most admirable young fellow, with the highest character and strictest integrity. He then said: 'It is useless to talk to me. I do not intend to do it. You can court-martial me, or do anything else you like, but I will not betray the trust imposed in me.
Page 22 - I can make no explanation. I exonerate this lady fully, and do not justify myself. I am a ruined man; will exile myself, and now ask you to take my resignation to the Secretary of State.
Page 75 - Boys under the age of eighteen who have been convicted of an offense punishable by confinement in the penitentiary shall be sentenced to and confined in the...
Page 11 - Line, the Louisville & Nashville, the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis, and the Chicago & Eastern Illinois. Senator TRUMAN. It may be received. (The memorandum referred to was marked "Exhibit No. 2130" and is included in the appendix on p.
Page 20 - Hermitage Association. The objects of the Association stated in the charter were to purchase from the State of Tennessee certain land, including the residence and tomb of Andrew Jackson, and "to beautify, preserve and adorn the same throughout all coming years, in a manner most befitting the memory of that great man, and commensurate with the gratitude of his countrymen.
Page 36 - I tried to impress upon him the danger he was in, and that I knew he was only a messenger, and held out to him the hope of lenient treatment if he would answer truthfully, as far as he could, my questions.

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