History of the Venetian Republic

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Page 451 - him not only for his own sake, but for the sake of his
Page 93 - the Morea, the Illyric Isles, a large portion of Thessaly, the Sporades, the Cyclades, the cities of Adrianople, Trajanople, Didymotichos, and Durazzo, the province of Servia, and the coasts of the Hellespont.
Page 380 - The spectacle, which presents itself at Curzola on that terrible 8th of September after the action, can be pictured more easily than described. In the evening, the followers of Doria are seen in a dreamy and trance-like posture, holding with tremulous hands the palm which they have so dearly won, and thinking of the reply
Page 330 - They shall be bound by a solemn oath to conceal from the Senate nothing which transpires in the Holy Office. It shall be obligatory on them to oppose the publication, or even the entry on the registers of the Inquisition, of any bull which may not have received the previous approbation of the Great Council. The
Page 383 - and at length he even went so far as to propose, as a means of beguiling the tedious hours, that his friend should dictate to him a methodical account of his travels in Tartary, China, and India. This proposition was accepted ; the
Page 382 - Too many among the multitude which thronged the quays to witness the landing of the troops, were doomed to retrace their steps to a bereaved home and to hearths made desolate by war; and in the extremity of their affliction, the Genoese were almost tempted to forget their glory, and to check their unbecoming exultation at the abasement of Venetian insolence and
Page 331 - of the Office shall be placed under the charge of a Venetian treasurer, who must render his accounts, and become responsible for their correctness, to the civil authorities only. Such were the important limitations which the Government of the
Page 331 - of the Inquisition shall on no account be selected out of the number of those persons on whom the Court of the Vatican may have it in its power, either directly or indirectly, to exert undue or unfair influence.
Page 194 - century was told that a table of laws had been compiled by a few learned contemporaries, and engrossed on parchment in fair characters, whatever might be his respect and his admiration, his satisfaction was modified by the
Page 84 - and, although these matchless rarities were recovered, partly by process of exchange, and the ignorance of art, no inconsiderable portion was irretrievably lost. Some, however, found a worthy destination. The proud monuments of human genius, sculptures, paintings,

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