Scottish Text Society, Volume 26; Volume 42

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Scottish Text Society., 1899 - Scottish literature
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Page 244 - ... ane phairs or ane play sum be speikin sum be craft of Igramancie quhilk causit men to sie thingis aper quhilk was nocht. And so at the hennest bancat pheirs and play vpone the thrid day thair come ane clwdd out of the rwffe of the hall as appeirit to men and opnit and cleikkit vp the blak lady...
Page cxxxviii - Scotland,' and as increasing the difficulty of reading it.2 Useofcon- With reference to the consonants, B is frequently supsonants. pressed after m, as in " nommer " for " number," " cummer " for "cumber," "temmert" for "timbered." As to this, Dr Murray has observed that " the northern tongue has a repugnance to the combination of the nasal m and n with the cognate mutes b and d." C is, as in modern English, sometimes equivalent to k and sometimes to s, as in the common word
Page 259 - —ie. bald. done, and the king panssit on thir wordis studeing to gif him ane ansuer hot in the meane tyme befor the kingis face, and in presentis of all his lordis that was about him for the tyme this man wanischit away and 5 could in no wayis be sen nor comprehendit, bot wanischit away as he had bene ane blink of the sone or ane quhipe of the whirle wind and could no more be seine.
Page 242 - ... to the effectt that france ingland and denmark micht haue knawledge of the samyn and quha that pleisit to cum thairto as thay thocht guid. And also the heill lordis and barronis of Scotland war commandit to mak thame reddie againe the said 20 day apoincted for to enarme thame selffis in thair best arrey and in the same armur and waponis that thay thocht thame selffis best to fecht into. The heill barronis war weill contentit heirwith and prowydit thame...
Page 258 - Schir king, my mother hes send me to the desiring the ' nocht to pase at this tyme quhair thow art purpossit, ' ffor gif thow dois thow wilt nocht fair weill in thy ' journay nor nane that passis witht the; forther scho ' bad the nocht mell witht no wemen nor wse witht 30 ' thair counsall, nor lat them nocht tuitch thy body nor ' thow thairs, for and thow 'do it thow wilbe confoundit
Page 151 - ... also the lord flemyng vantit thair the heid So thir thrie lordis vas cruellie put to deid Vndir pretence and cullour of justice for the quhilk caus the chancelar vantit his office Than was send ane summondis of foirfaltour 25 The quhilk was dewyssit be the Douglass consent That the chancellar and alswa the governour Sould be foirfalt in plaine parliament quhairof the commonis war na wayis content That thir lordis that had so lang seruit 30 That in sic way that thay sould be revardit 1 " Meaine...
Page 258 - ... his woage. In this mean tyme thair come ane man clade in ane blew goune in at the kirk doore witht ane roll of lynning claith ane pair of bottouns on his feit to the great of his lege witht all wther hose and claithis conforme thair to, bot he had nothing on his heid bot syde reid zallow hair behind and on his halffitis quhilk wan doune to his schoulderis bot his forheid was held and bair.
Page 174 - His home was typit witht fyne gould at everie end, and ane pretious stone callit ane burriall hingand in the midst.. 20 This Couchrane had his humelt 5 borne besyd him ower gilt with gould and so was all the rest of his harnes and all his paillzeouns was of fyne cammes of silk and the cordis thairof of fyne twynit silk and the chains wpoun his paillzeounis was doubill owergilt with gould. This 25 Couchrane was so proud in his consait that he contit no lord to be marrow to him, thairfor he raschit...
Page cxxviii - Detectioune of the doingis of Marie Quene of Scottis, twiching the Murther of hir husband, and hir conspiracie, adulterie, and pretendit marriage with the Erle Bothwell, and ane defence of the trew lordis maintenaris of the kingis grace, actioune, and authoritie.
Page 259 - Johnne Inglische the mairchall quho war at that 10 tyme zoung men and spetiall serwandis to the kingis grace war standand presentlie besyde the king quho thocht to have layit handis on this man that they might haue speirit forder tydingis at him bot all for nocht ; they could not tueiche him ffor he wanischit away betuix 1 5 them and was no more sen.

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