Many Memories of Many People

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Edward Arnold, 1898 - England - 334 pages

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Page 126 - ... worst, pigeon of the flock ; sitting round, and looking on, all the winter, whilst this one was devouring, throwing about, and wasting it; and if a pigeon, more hardy or hungry than the rest, touched a grain of the hoard, all the others instantly flying upon it, and tearing it to pieces ; if you should see this, you would see nothing more than what is every day practised and established among men.
Page 125 - IF you should see a flock of pigeons in a field of corn ; and if (instead of each picking where and what it liked, taking just as much as it wanted, and no more) you should see ninety-nine of them gathering all they got, into a heap...
Page 10 - Thornton. A SPORTING TOUR THROUGH THE NORTHERN PARTS OF ENGLAND AND GREAT PART OF THE HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND. By Colonel T. THORNTON, of Thornville Royal, in Yorkshire. With the Original Illustrations by GARRARD, and other Illustrations and Coloured Plates by GE LODGE. 'Sportsmen of all descriptions will gladly welcome the sumptuous new edition issued by Mr. Edward Arnold of Colonel T. Thornton's Sporting Tour...
Page 322 - There is, said Michael, if thou well observe 530 The rule of not too much, by temperance taught In what thou eat'st and drink'st, seeking from thence Due nourishment, not gluttonous delight, Till many years over thy head return : So may'st thou live, till like ripe fruit thou drop 535 Into thy mother's lap, or be with ease Gather'd, not harshly pluck'd, for death mature.
Page 7 - THROUGH UNKNOWN AFRICAN COUNTRIES. The First Expedition from Somaliland to Lake Rudolf and Lamu. A Narrative of Scientific Exploration and Sporting Adventures. By A. DONALDSON SMITH, MD, FRGS With nearly thirty full-page Plates and numerous smaller Illustrations by AD McCoRMiCK, CHARLES WHYMPER, etc., and detailed Maps of the countries traversed. Super royal 8vo., One Guinea net. 1 Will be of the greatest interest to sportsman, traveller, and man of science.' — Pall Mall Gazette* 'Since the publication...
Page 213 - is to beg your Majesty to ask Marshal Vaillant whether he thinks that this arrangement will really effect the purpose of the war — the putting an end to the preponderance of Russia in the Black Sea and the Bosphorus.
Page 126 - Among men you see the ninety-and-nine toiling and scraping together a heap of superfluities for one ; and this one, too, oftentimes the feeblest and worst...
Page 217 - I was first in parliament," he said, " twenty-seven years ago, the functions of the government were chiefly executive. Changes in our laws were proposed by independent members, and carried, not as party questions, by their combined action on both sides. Now, when an independent member brings forward a subject, it is not to propose himself a measure, but to call to it the attention of the government.
Page 199 - Dont waste your time at family funerals grieving for your relatives: attend to life, not to death: there are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it, and better.
Page 21 - Management." $1.50. 7. The Senses and the Will. (Part I of "THE MIND OF THE CHILD.") By W.

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