The Photographic Journal of America: The Oldest Photography Magazine in America, Volume 52

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Edward L. Wilson Company, Incorporated, 1915 - Photography
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Page 212 - THANK GOD EVERY MORNING Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day which must be done, whether you like it or not.
Page 492 - expose for the shadows and let the high lights take care of themselves. '/ This, in copying daguerreotypes, can only result in flatness and gray shadows — the things to avoid. Mr. Hollinger, in his practice, gives a generous exposure, and in development keeps his attention on the high lights, letting the shadows come as they will. In this way he...
Page 460 - Our standards of business dealings, ambitions, and relations shall have in them a note of sympathy for our common humanity and shall always require us to take into consideration our highest duties as members of society. In every situation in our business life, in every responsibility that comes before us, our chief thought shall be to fulfill that responsibility and discharge that duty so that when each of us is finished...
Page 616 - Have an excellence peculiarly their own. The best results are only produced by the best methods and means — the best results in Photograph, Poster and other mounting can only be attained by using the best mounting paste — HIGGINS' PHOTO MOUNTER (Excellent novel brush with each jar.) AT DEALERS IN PHOTO SUPPLIES, ARTISTS
Page 68 - I do not care where the work is, the man or woman who does work worth doing is the man or woman who lives, breathes, and sleeps that work ; with whom it is ever present in his soul ; whose ambition is to do it well and to feel rewarded by the thought of having done it well.
Page 552 - ... is left behind. Not only is it on deck when a worth-while scene presents itself, but it is constructed for instant use. The pictures it takes are of professional quality. Three styles — Achromatic, Rectilinear and Anastigmatic — ranging from $7.50 to $55. Described in our Christmas booklet with other Ansco models from $2 up. Write for it. Ansco Cameras, Ansco Speedex Film and Cyko Paper form the winning combination. v Anico Vtst-Pocket No. 1. Takes a picture 2] x 3J inches.
Page 460 - My business standards shall have in them a note of sympathy for our common humanity. My business dealings, ambitions and relations shall always cause me to take into consideration my highest duties as a member of society. In every position in business life, in every responsibility that comes before me, my chief thought shall be to fill that responsibility and discharge that duty so when I have ended each of them, I shall have lifted the level of human ideals and achievements a little higher than...
Page 270 - Black -and -White or Sepia Prints, which? A mere matter of taste or preference easily solved by the photographer .who uses Cyko Paper CYKO prints are either of a rich engraving black, cold platinum black, warm albumen, warm sepia or Vandyke brown tone — the color depends on the developer used and subsequent treatment. One paper does it all, and that paper is CYKO. It's all explained in the Cyko Manual and Professional Cyko Pointer, both yours for the asking. Ansco Company Binghamton, NY DISTRIBUTORS...
Page 266 - Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders, holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: None.
Page 557 - Shows Only Actual View Which Will Be Included in the Picture. Adjusted Instantly for Vertical or Horizontal Use. Reinforced Aluminum Construction — Maximum Strength With Minimum Weight. Finish — Covered With Genuine Seal Grain Leather. Metal Parts Black Enameled or Nickel-Plated and Polished— A Camera of Regal Beauty. Tested Lenses — Rigidly Tested Rapid Rectilinear Lenses. Speed US 4- Insure Clear, Sharp Pictures. Automatic Shutter — One of the Famous Ilex Shutters, Dust Proof and Accurate....

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