Plane Surveying for Use in the Classroom and Field

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American book Company, 1914 - Surveying - 589 pages
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Page 460 - The first line running north and south as aforesaid shall begin on the river Ohio at a point that shall be found to be due north from the western termination of a line which has been run as the southern boundary of the state of Pennsylvania and the first line running east and west shall begin at the same point and shall extend throughout the whole territory Provided that nothing herein shall be construed as fixing the western boundary of the state of Pennsylvania.
Page 295 - navigable rivers within the territory occupied by the public lands shall remain and be deemed public highways; and, in all cases where the opposite banks of any streams not navigable belong to different persons, the stream and the bed thereof shall become common to both;" and of this provision it was said in St.
Page 94 - Very rough leveling work is sometimes done with the aneroid barometer. The barometer is an instrument for measuring the pressure of the atmosphere. The only reliable form is the mercurial barometer.
Page 448 - But there are many- little lakes or ponds which are gradually disappearing, and the shore proprietorship advances part passu as the waters recede. If these are of any considerable size, — say, even a mile across, — there may be questions of conflicting rights which no adjudication hitherto made could settle. Let any surveyor, for example, take the case of a pond of irregular form, occupying a mile square or more of territory, and undertake to determine the rights of the shore proprietors to its...
Page 446 - ... impression still lingers in some minds that the meander lines are boundary lines, and all in front of them remains unsold. Of course this is erroneous. There was never any doubt that, except on the large navigable rivers, the boundary of the owners of the banks is the middle line of the river; and while some courts have held that this was the rule on all fresh-water streams, large...
Page 277 - ... equidistant from those two corners which stand on the same line. " 2d. The boundary lines actually run and marked in the surveys returned by the surveyor general, &c., shall be established as the proper boundary lines of the sections, or subdivisions for which they were intended, and the length of such lines, as returned by either of the surveyors aforesaid, shall be held and considered as the true length thereof.
Page 441 - A generation has passed away since they were converted into cultivated farms, and few if any of the original corner and quarter stakes now remain. The corner and quarter stakes were often nothing but green sticks driven into the ground. Stones might be put around or over these if they were handy, but often they were not, and the witness trees must be relied upon after the stake was gone. Too often the first settlers were careless in fixing their lines with accuracy while monuments remained, and an...
Page 278 - that whenever, in the opinion of the President of the United States, a departure from the ordinary mode of surveying land on any river, lake, bayou, or...
Page 444 - But he would do mischief if he were to attempt to "establish" monuments which he knew would tend to disturb settled rights ; the farthest he has a right to go, as an officer of the law, is to express his opinion where the monument should be, at the same time that he imparts the information to those who employ him, and who might otherwise be misled, that the same authority that makes him an officer and entrusts him to make surveys, also allows parties to settle their own boundary lines, and considers...
Page 460 - The Surveyors as they are respectively qualified shall proceed to divide the said territory into townships of six miles square, by lines running due north and south and others crossing these at right angles...

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