The Works of Beaumont & Fletcher: The Text Formed from a New Collation of the Early Editions, Volume 7

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E. Moxon, 1844
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Page 506 - Trenchmore, and the CushionDance, and then all the Company dance, Lord and Groom, Lady and Kitchen-Maid, no distinction. . So in our Court, in Queen Elizabeth's time, Gravity and State were kept up. In King James's time things were pretty well. But in King Charles's time, there has been nothing but Trenchmore, and the Cushion-Dance, omnium gatherum tollypolly, hoite come toite.
Page 224 - I know as certain As day must come again, as clear as truth, And open as belief can lay it to me, That I am basely wrong'd, wrong'd above recompence ; Maliciously abus'd, blasted for ever In name and honour, lost to all remembrance, But what is smear'd, and shameful ; I must kill him, Necessity compells me. 1 Gent. But think better.
Page 83 - To preserve an honest name, And so to give it up to fame ; These are toys. In good or ill, They desire to have their will : Yet, when they have it, they abuse it, For they know not how to use it.
Page 267 - Who ho ! who ho ! a goodly ship I do see, I trow it be John Dory-a.
Page 230 - For she will fall upon me with a catechism Of four hours long : I must endure all ; For I will know this mother. Come, good wonder, , Let you and I be jogging ; your starved treble Will waken the rude watch else.
Page 229 - Was everman so paid for being curious? Ever so bobb'd for searching out adventures, As I am ? Did the devil lead me ? Must I needs be peeping Into men's houses where I had no business, And make myself a mischief? 'Tis well carried! I must take other men's occasions on me, And be I know not whom : most finely...
Page 150 - Maria. Mistrust him not. Petru. By all my honesty Maria. Enough ; I yield. Petron. What's this inserted here ? Soph. That the two valiant women that command here Shall have a supper made 'em, and a large one, And liberal entertainment without grudging, And pay for all their soldiers.
Page 245 - Did you not lately, as you walk'd along, Discover people that were arm'd, and likely To do offence ? John. Yes, marry, and they urg'd it As far as they had spirit, Fred. Pray go forward. John. A gentleman I found...
Page 248 - Merciless Love, whom nature hath denied The use of eyes, lest thou shouldst take a pride And glory in thy murders why am I, That never yet transgress'd thy deity, /' Never broke vow, from whose eyes never flew Disdainful dart, whose hard heart never slew, Thus ill rewarded...
Page 231 - I must believe ye. From this place, Good, noble sir, remove me instantly. And for a time, where nothing but yourself. And honest conversation may come near me, In some secure place settle me. What I am, And why thus boldly I commit my credit Into a...

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