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The Society., 1904 - Geography
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Page 814 - SOCIETY are to encourage geographical exploration and discovery ; to investigate and disseminate new geographical information by discussion, lectures and publications ; to establish in the chief maritime city of the country, for the benefit of commerce, navigation, and the great industrial and material interests of the United States, a place where the means will be afforded of obtaining accurate information for public use of every part of the globe.
Page 657 - Geography is that part of mixed mathematics which explains the state of the Earth and of its parts, depending on quantity, viz. its figure, place, magnitude, and motion with the celestial appearances, etc. By some it is taken in too limited a sense, for a bare description of the several countries ; and by others too extensively, who along with such a description would have their political constitution.
Page 627 - Outlines of the Geology of Japan : Descriptive Text to accompany the Geological Map, Tokyo, Geol.
Page 629 - New Dictionary of the Portuguese and English Languages . . . Based on a MS. of Julius Cornet.
Page 416 - I took down the biggest one, and carefully noted exactly how the tie tie had been put round its mouth ; for these things are important and often mean a lot. I then shook its contents out in my hat, for fear of losing anything of value. They were a human hand, three big toes, four eyes, two ears, and other portions of the human frame. The hand was fresh, the others only so so, and shrivelled.
Page 182 - REVY, JJ — Hydraulics of Great Rivers: The Parana, the Uruguay and the La Plata Estuary.
Page 660 - ... alone among animals is capable of reacting on his environment and deliberately modifying the conditions which control him. I have said before, and I repeat now, that the glory of geography as a science, the fascination of geography as a study, and the value of geography in practical affairs, arise from the recognition of this unifying influence of surface relief in controlling, though in the higher developments rather by suggestion than dictation, the incidence of every mobile distribution on...
Page 469 - The mere existence and location of the cities, stated independent of their controlling environment, are empirical items of the organic part of geography, and these items fail to become truly geographic as long as they are stated without reference to their cause. The mere course of the Mississippi, independent of the organic consequences which it controls, is an empirical element of the inorganic part of geography, but it fails to become truly geographic as long as it is treated alone. The two kinds...
Page 665 - Geography was defined long ago as the science of distribution ; but the old idea was statical distribution, the laying down on maps of where things are ; now we see that we ought to go further, and discuss also how the things came there, why they remain there, whether they are in transit, and, if so, how their path is determined.

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