Ontology: Or, The Theory of Being; an Introduction to General Metaphysics

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1914 - Metaphysics - 439 pages
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Page 21 - Let knowledge grow from more to more, But more of reverence in us dwell; That mind and soul, according well, May make one music as before, But vaster.
Page 269 - I think, is a thinking intelligent being, that has reason and reflection, and can consider itself as itself, the same thinking thing, in different times and places...
Page 220 - Per substantiam intelligo id, quod in se est et per se concipitur; hoc est id, cujus conceptus non indiget conceptu alterius rei, a quo formari debeat.
Page 205 - We may well ask what causes induce us to believe in the existence of body; but 'tis in vain to ask whether there be body or not. That is a point which we must take for granted in all our reasonings.
Page 205 - The idea then we have, to which we give the general name substance, being nothing but the supposed but unknown support of those qualities we find existing, which we imagine cannot subsist, "sine re substante," without something to support them, we call that support substantia; which, according to the true import of the word, is in plain English, standing under or upholding.
Page 190 - Filii: nam ad pulchritudinem tria requiruntur. Primo quidem integritas sive perfectio; quae enim diminuta sunt, hoc ipso turpia sunt; et debita proportio sive consonantia; et iterum claritas. Unde quae habent colorem nitidum, pulchra esse dicuntur.
Page 372 - The Law of Causation, which is the main pillar of inductive science, is but the familiar truth, that invariability of succession is found by observation to obtain between every fact in nature and some other fact which has preceded it ; independently of all considerations respecting the ultimate mode of production of phenomena, and of every other question regarding the nature of
Page 269 - ... are three names standing for three different ideas; for such as is the idea belonging to that name, such must be the identity...
Page 268 - This also shows wherein the identity of the same man consists; viz. in nothing but a participation of the same continued life, by constantly fleeting particles of matter, in succession vitally united to the same organized body.
Page 268 - That being then one plant which has such an organization of parts in one coherent body par.taking of one common life, it continues to be the same plant as long as it partakes of the same life, though that life be communicated to new particles of matter vitally united to the living plant, in a like continued organization conformable to that sort of plants.

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