The Greek Language of Healing from Homer to New Testament Times, Volume 83

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Walter de Gruyter, 1998 - Religion - 489 pages
The problem of suffering has preoccupied mankind since the earliest times. From the time of Homer to the present day humans have constantly searched for a solution to their suffering and an understanding of it. This study focuses on two expressions of this search through a study of the Greek language of healing: the healing cult of Asklepios, which flourished in the Mediterranean world from the fifth century BC to the fourth century AD, and that of Jesus of Nazareth, whose healing ministry began in the first century AD, supplanted that of Asklepios in the fourth century AD, and is still in existence today. The investigation does not consider whether physical healings actually occurred; rather it is an exploration of the meaning of the general terms used to describe the healings recorded. The study is in two parts: Part One contains the argument, Part Two the texts and translations (or analysis of texts) on which the argument is based. Usually only the primary texts in which language has been discussed are cited in the bibliography, otherwise reference to primary sources is made by the usual method of footnotes.

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Asklepios at Epidauros
Asklepios at Athens
Asklepios at Kos
Asklepios at Pergamon
The language of healing in the New Testament
The New Testament use of idouai
auu Kadatpu
Commands and commissions
according to tense voice and mood

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