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Q. How did you like this book? A. This is an astounding book. Mia has a good knowledge of her subject and I learned a lot. I was not too familiar with some of the history of the movements Mia discusses. She gives the full back story, but succinctly, to each terrorist group she covers. It is too bad that women are being caught up into suicide bombing and other terrorist activities, but as Mia states at the end of the book, in many ways, certain women find their only place in these terror movements. Q. What is causing women to turn to terrorism? A. Mia says redemption, revenge, remorse, and sometimes rape, and a few other things. She thinks that forming groups like the Daughters of Iraq, to combat the glamor of terrorism, may help. I think, since many of these conflicts have come about through occupation of territory, that things may get worse. Q. Why is that? A. Because the population of the world continues to grow and everyone wants their own space and their own resources. This is human nature. Women see the need for space and resources for their group just as much as men. Children are the only ones who do not understand it, and our only hope is that children will one day find another solution. Q. Such as? A. I do not know, but there has to be something where everyone can get a fair share of the pie. Q. So you recommend this book for the general reader? A. Yes. Everyone can learn a lot from this book. Americans especially will see that the world is made up of much more than McDonald hamburgers and the National Football League. 

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