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tongue, and one side of her mouth, about 3 fortnight gfter; making dismal ravage of the cheek, on the outside as well as on the inside. On this account, she was put under the care of a Surgeon of great character in Londwy. who found much difficulty in stopping the progress of the disease here. More than twenty years after, the leaven ihewed itself upon her thigh, where she had received a contusion by a fall, some years before; and an abscess was now formed near the bone towards the articulation of the hip, which was also cured with the utmost difficulty, by a very able Surgeon at Norwich. She enjoyed a tolerable good state of health after this, for about fifteen years, and then discovered a small scirrhous knot in her breast, indolent and moveable, increasing but slowly till the time of the cessation of the menstrual discharge, when it began to increase very considerably: in a few years it possessed the whole breast, and at last the glands in the Axilla likewise. The tumor remained in an occult state as long as she lived; but some months before her death, her arm became affected as has been described.


Mons. D'tonis says, that out of twenty women who had cancers in their breasts, he observed fifteen of them were seized with the disease at between 45 and 50 years of age, the time when nature generally suffers a considerable change from a cessation ot diminution of the menstrual evacuation: and he also says that he saw many women in the monasteries afflicted with cancers, Who were abput that age, in a tour he made through 'the provinces in France.

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A case in which an immense quantity of bloody lymph was contained in the breast of a woman about 40 years of age; and all the glands in a very putrid state.

/T"V WO years ago I was in consultation with a Physician and a Surgeon in this cafe, which much resembled those collections of bloody lymph mentioned by the celebrated Professor Monro in vol. 5 of the Med. Essays, and in which we had no success. It was a dreadful cafe indeed, and the patient lived several days in the utmost distress, with an invincible locked~j aw. This convulsion, thus denominated by the moderns, did not pass unobserved by the immortal Hippocrates, as appears in the seventh book of his Epidemics; but he knew no cure for it: that important discovery was reserved for the present age; and we have some instances of cures having been performed, in the London Med. Observations and Inquiries, by the liberal use of that divine remedy, Opium, as I have before mentioned, , . Reflections

Reflections and Remarks relative to the extirpation of cancerous breasts, &c. by incision,

JpROM the success I have observed to attend this operation, in patients of others as well as my own, in a sufficient number of instances, I think too much discouragement has been given to it. In order to have it succeed the better, the utmost attention shou'd be paid to the eradication of every diseased glandular substance that can poffibly be discovered, be it ever so small, and not leave any in the Axilla: And when the operation shall be thought advisable, after being deliberately considered in consultation, even where there is some adhesion of the tumor to the peSloral muscle, it is certainly right to dissect off a considerable portion of that along with it; and I have seen good consequences from such practice.

• A Noble Lady os transcendent virtues and unexampled fortitude, for whom I had

the the honour of performing this operation more than six years ago, has enjoyed a perfect good state of beaitb ever since, which her Ladyship has, from time to time, given me the great pleasure and satisfaction of knowing, in a .manner that adds to her

dignity and my obligations. In her

case, the glands in Axilla* and the whole breast, had Jong heen much affected: yet the wound not only healed speedily and kindly, but the cicatrice never broke in the le^st degree after it was first closed; nor has tfee#e bee# any kind of appearance of the diiease upon that or any other part since, tskoagb various reports to the contrary, and even very Ididy, have been spread by busy people too ready at invention.

Abovt three years ago I was called int» confutation with a Physician and a Surgeon, for a Gentlewoman upwards of forty years of age, concerning a cancerous disorder of many years standing, which extended over great part of the deltoid muscle. •It was now grown much worse, and evidently affected her health in general; probably owing to absorption of putrid matter.


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