German American Annals, Volume 12; Volume 16

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German American Historical Society, 1914 - Germans
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Page 30 - ... less so at finding it unusually empty. The agitated state of Europe, particularly of England, has kept the usual class of travellers at home, though the cantons are said to be pretty well sprinkled with Carlists, who are accused of assembling here to plot. M. de Chateaubriand is in the same hotel as ourselves, but it has never been my fortune to see this distinguished writer to know him, even accidentally ; although I afterwards learned that, on one occasion, I had sat for two hours on a bench...
Page 17 - Ich zittere für mein Volk, wenn ich der Ungerechtigkeiten gedenke, deren es sich gegen die Ureinwohner schuldig gemacht hat.
Page 11 - Einen alten Mann, wie einen Schemen, sah man noch öfter durch den Wald gehen, aber kein Mensch kann eine Zeit sagen, wo er noch ging, und eine, wo er nicht mehr ging.
Page 29 - That sequestered hamlet rose in a moment to an importance that all the appliances and xoin'cmrn of royalty could not give to the palace of Ludwigsberg. Poor Schiller! In my eyes he is the German genius of the age. Goethe has got around him one of those factitious reputations that depend as much on gossip and tea drinking as on a high order of genius; and he is fortunate in...
Page 5 - A traveller, who has seen much of the middle classes of Italy, lately said to me, " I found that all they knew of America, and that was not little, they had learned from Cooper's novels ; from him they had learned the story of...
Page 46 - Solch ein Genius aber ist Cooper nicht. Manche Deutsche kommen ihm gleich an Kunstfertigkeit; er hat nur vor ihnen voraus, daß er ein Amerikaner ist - versteht ihr? daß er ein Amerikaner ist. Das haben auch die deutschen Übersetzer seiner Romane gefühlt, und sie haben darum auf dem Titelblatte dem Namen Cooper das Beiwort Amerikaner vorgesetzt. Es ist ein Titel wie ein anderer, wie Doktor, wie Hofrat. Ja...
Page 43 - Las den Cooperschen Roman bis gegen das Ende und bewunderte den reichen Stoff und dessen geistreiche Behandlung. Nicht leicht sind Werke mit so großem Bewußtsein und solcher Konsequenz durchgeführt als die Cooperschen Romane.
Page 28 - ... of my two postmasters, which perhaps was more than properly fell to my share ; but I shall never forget the feeling displayed by a young German, at Dresden, whom chance threw in my way. We had lodgings in a house directly opposite the one inhabited by Tieck, the celebrated novelist and dramatist. Having no proper means of introduction to this gentleman, and unwilling to obtrude myself anywhere, I never made his acquaintance, but it was impossible not to know, in so small a town, where so great...
Page 27 - ... had been a blot on the scenery for the last day or two; . . . we had paused to rest ourselves, on the side of this mountain, when two or three children came scrambling from a cottage, on the usual errand. The oldest was scarcely two years old. The last was an infant of rare beauty; fair, with the eyes of an angel, and perfectly golden hair. . . . The little cherub plaintively lisped, as she approached, as near as we could understand, 'pity, pity.
Page 45 - Geist, wie ich ihn selten gefunden, und der zur Ehre der Vereinigten Staaten auch durch eine allgemeine kalte Aufnahme des Buches gewissermaßen mißbilligt wurde.

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