The International text-book of surgery, Volume 2

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Saunders, 1900
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Page ii - Medical School, Surgeon to the Massachusetts General Hospital, and A. Pearce Gould, MS, FRCS...
Page 524 - The mucous membrane above the haemorrhoids is now divided transversely in successive stages, and the free margin of the severed membrane above is attached, as soon as divided, to the free margin of the skin below, by a suitable number of sutures. The complete ring of pile-bearing mucous membrane is thus removed.
Page 481 - ... line drawn from the anterior superior spine of the ilium to the spine of the pubis.
Page 787 - The following fact appears to me very deserving of notice—I have never seen or heard of a single instance in which a syphilitic infant, (although its mouth be ulcerated,) suckled by its own mother, had produced ulceration of her breasts; whereas very few instances have occurred where a syphilitic infant had not infected a strange hired wet nurse, and who had been previously in good health.
Page 423 - Kocher's director, the fibres of the internal oblique and transversalis muscles can be separated without cutting more than an occasional fibre, in a line parallel with their course — this is nearly at right angles to the incision in the external oblique aponeurosis.
Page 574 - By producing a gentle exhaustion of the air in the vials by means of the bulb, the urine, as fast as it escapes from the ureters, drops directly into the ends of the catheters and flows at once into the vials, right and left, respectively.
Page 577 - It will now be seen that the traction upon this catgut loop passing through the wall of the ureter will draw the upper fragment of the duct into the lower portion. This being done, the ends of the loop are tied together securely, and, as the catgut will be absorbed in a few days, calculi do not form to obstruct the passage of the urine. " (6) The ureter is now enveloped carefully with peritoneum, . . . provided that an intra-peritoneal operation has been done.
Page 228 - Do not move the patient unless in danger of freezing; instantly expose the face to the air, toward the wind if there be any; wipe dry the mouth and nostrils; rip the clothing so as to expose the chest and waist; give two or three quick, smarting slaps on the chest with the open hand. If the patient does not revive proceed immediately as follows: RULE II.
Page 587 - Gun-shot wounds should be sealed after thoroughly cleansing the skin, and the patient should be kept in bed for at least three weeks. If a large swelling and symptoms of...

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