The Ionian Islands in the Year 1863

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W.H. Allen, 1863 - Ionian Islands - 480 pages
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Page i - The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece ! Where burning Sappho loved and sung, Where grew the arts of war and peace, Where Delos rose, and Phoebus sprung ! Eternal summer gilds them yet, But all, except their sun, is set.
Page 272 - And now from their fountains In Enna's mountains, Down one vale where the morning basks, Like friends once parted Grown single-hearted, They ply their watery tasks. At sunrise they leap From their cradles steep In the cave of the shelving hill ; At noontide they flow Through the woods below And the meadows of Asphodel ; And at night they sleep In the rocking deep Beneath the Ortygian shore ; Like spirits that lie In the azure sky When they love but live no more.
Page 118 - Pelodes there was such a calm of wind that the ship stood still in the sea unmoored, he was forced to cry aloud that Pan was dead ; wherewithal there were such piteous outcries and dreadful shrieking as hath not been the like.
Page 118 - The lonely mountains o'er And the resounding shore A voice of weeping heard, and loud lament; From haunted spring and dale Edged with poplar pale The parting Genius is with sighing sent; With flower-inwoven tresses torn The Nymphs in twilight shade of tangled thickets mourn.
Page 152 - O God of our salvation ; Thou that art the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of them that remain in the broad sea.
Page 300 - Mnestheus to the head his arrow drove "With lifted eyes, and took his aim above. But to justify this artificial connection among the words, the ideas they...
Page 131 - Leucas posita est, colli adplicata verso in orientem et Acarnaniam. Ima urbis plana sunt, jacentia ad mare, quo Leucadia ab Acarnania dividitur. Inde terra manque expugnabilis est : nam et vada sunt stagno similiora, quam mari : et campus terrenus omnis operique facilis.
Page 322 - A curious natural phenomenon occurs and is taken advantage of in the neighbourhood of Argostoli. At four points on the coast, the sea, at its ordinary level, enters a very narrow creek, or broken rocky channel, and after running somewhat rapidly through this channel and among broken fragments of rock for a short distance, it gradually becomes sucked into the earth and disappears. By conducting the water through an artificial canal for a few yards, and so regulating its course and forcing all the...
Page 131 - Leucadia nunc insula, et vadoso freto, quod perfossum manu est, ab Acarnania divisa, turn peninsula erat, occidentis regione artis faucibus cohcerens Acarnanise.
Page 118 - Here, about the time that our Lord suffered His most bitter Passion, certain persons sailing from Italy to Cyprus at night, heard a voice calling aloud :

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