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Editorial Review - - Sarah Rachel Egelman

High school senior Andi Alpers is full of anger and sadness. The tragic death of her younger brother has wrecked her family, sending her father away, her mother into a paralyzing depression, and Andi into a state of rage and hurt so deep it feels like suicide might be the only way to relieve the pain. She tries to manage the overwhelming hurt and sense of responsibility over Truman's passing with ... Read full review

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This book has been on my to-read list for two years! TWO YEARS PEOPLE! I really have no idea what took me so long, but a big thank-you to my husband for buying this for me for Christmas. I first saw ... Read full review

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i have read this book countless times and i love it

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Jennifer Donnelly is my favorite writer because she is like a chameleon -- always surprises
me. In REVOLUTION she introduces Andi Alpers -- a spoiled brat at first look, but a deeply
hurting girl
who cannot come to terms with a tragic loss in her life. Following her on her
journey you will be totally astonished at her very slow recovery from this terrible pain.
There is however so much, much more to this book. A look at the evolving music scene,
a journey through the French Revolution and a most delicate love story and all of this
deftly handled by a superb writer.

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I was reading it and half way through my mom took it away and i just about died until i got it back. moral of my story great book!

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AMAZING!!! I couldn't put it down... you must read this book. Well done Jennifer!!

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At first when I started reading this book I thought it was boring, but as soon as I got up to about chapter 3 I was hooked and It was really interesting and exciting. I love Andi and the other characters, and the way its written makes you feel like your actually there experiencing all the pain and loss and happiness and adventure. This is definitly one of my favourite books this year. 

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This book was amazing! I just started it about 9:00 pm Valentines Day, and just finished it at 4:00 pm today. I have been reading it non-stop today. It's just so... well, amazing! I cannot say that I've had to experience the things Andi has, but I know all too well what it's like to rely upon music. I don't know where I would be without it. There is no time during the days of my life that I don't have my IPod on me. I practically LIVE on it!
I have a friend (who I have a MAJOR crush on by the way!!) that looks the exact way that Andi describes Virgil. Except, HIS name is Dandre.
I have never been to Paris (never mind out of the U.S), but it sounds like where Andi went was BEAUTIFUL!
Over all: it was a very inspirational, thrilling, love-struck, semi-creepy book that I believe (and this is just MY opinion) should be made into a movie. I know that I would see it. Five star rating!!

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This is a wonderful, empowering story about a young woman facing her past.

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