A Text-book of Colloquial Japanese: Based on the Lehrbuch Der Japanischen Umgangssprache by Dr. Rudolf Lange

Front Cover
Methodist publishing house, 1907 - Japanese language - 588 pages

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Page 379 - From the crown of my head to the sole of my foot, I'm alive, I'm alive!
Page 278 - ... etc., — the purpose may be expressed by the stem of a verb with ni. b This may have an object. It is to be translated by means of the infinitive : Isha wo y obi ni iku go to call a physician. Sumo wo mi ni iku go to see the wrestling. O kuyami ni agaru come to condole.
Page xxi - Silbenordnung ist folgende: i ro ha ni ho he to chi ri nu ru wo wa ka yo ta re so tsu ne na ra mu u wi no o ku ya ma ke fu ko e te a sa ki yu me mi shi we hi mo se su.
Page 109 - The apparitional form of the verb (so na added to the second base) is a quasi-adjective, and may be inflected like all other quasi-adjectives. (c.) — An adjective may be formed from certain nouns by adding rashii. This usually means
Page 141 - There are no inflections to distinguish number or person. Both must be determined from the context.
Page 416 - In familiar speech, ano-ne >?)&., or simple ne, like the English I say, attracts attention to what is to be said.
Page 365 - Even though I read it I should not understand it at all ; so I will give it up. b The word yado alone may mean " lodging place " or

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