An elementary history of England

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Page 128 - Had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, He would not have given me over in my grey hairs. But this is the just reward that I must receive for my indulgent pains and study, not regarding my service to God, but only to my prince.
Page 129 - And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. I have glorified thee on earth; I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do." He closed the book, saying, " Here is learning enough for me to my life's
Page 360 - a Complete Description of the Earth, exhibiting its Relation to the Heavenly Bodies, its Physical Structure, the Natural History of each Country, and the Industry, Commerce, Political Institutions, and Civil and Social State of all Nations. By HUGH MURRAY, FRSE: assisted in ASTRONOMY, &c. by Professor Wallace ; GEOLOGY, &c. by Professor Jameson; BOTANY, &c. by Sir WJ Hooker;
Page 133 - for according to the law and by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it; I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that whereof I am accused and condemned to die; but I pray God to save the king and send him
Page 361 - VEGETABLE PHYSIOLOGY; comprehending the Elements of Botany, with their application to Agriculture. 3d Edit. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo. 9s. cloth lettered. T AND and WATER. 2d Edition, revised and corrected, 1 vol
Page 360 - HISTORY of ROME. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. with -*- Vignette Titles, 12s. cloth lettered. THE CHRONOLOGY of HISTORY; containing Tables, Calculations, and Statements, indispensable for ascertaining the Dates of Historical Events, and of Public and private Documents, from the earliest periods to the present time. By Sir HARRIS NICOLAS, KCMG 2d Edition, corrected throughout, 1 vol. fcp. 8vo. Vignette Title, 6s. cloth lettered.
Page 327 - any rewards in the power of the crown to bestow. The minister was affected. " I confess, sir," said he, " I had but too much reason to expect your majesty's displeasure. I did not come prepared for this exceeding goodness. Pardon me, sir, it overpowers—it oppresses me,
Page 361 - of PRACTICAL MECHANICS. By the Rev. H. MOSEI.EY, MA, Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in King's College, London; being the First Volume of " Illustrations of Science by the Professors of King's College." 1 vol. fcp. 8vo. with numerous Woodcuts, 8s. cloth lettered. A TREATISE on
Page 237 - this stage is turbulent and troublesome; it is a short one; but you may consider it will soon carry you a very great way; it will carry you from earth to heaven, and there you shall find a great deal of cordial joy and comfort." " I go," replied the king, " from a corruptible to an incorruptible crown, where no disturbance can be." "You are exchanged,
Page 137 - simplicity have you so to permit yourself to be imprisoned, that every enemy of yours may take advantage against you! Do you not know that when they have you once in prison three or four false knaves will soon be procured to witness against you and condemn you?

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