The Floral Cabinet and Magazine of Exotic Botany, Volume 2

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William Smith, 1838 - Plants, Ornamental
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Page 34 - Let no presuming impious railer tax Creative Wisdom, as if aught was form'd In vain, or not for admirable ends. Shall little haughty ignorance pronounce His works unwise, of which the smallest part Exceeds the narrow vision of her mind? As if upon a...
Page 18 - Holland, at the foot of the mountains, in a loamy soil, near a spot where, after being tantalized with finding many salt springs, his party had just met with an ample supply of fresh water. This welcome refreshment, of which he speaks feelingly in his book, seems to have suggested a name for his plant, which he had properly determined to constitute a new genus.
Page 136 - Strangling is sometimes used, as hi an instance just communicated to me by an eye-witness, in which the miserable sufferer was hurried away, or dragged to a sort of burial before life was quite extinct. In some instances the guilty are left to perish amidst their excruciating agonies — deserted by every one — family, friends, and all ! Slaves, on conviction, are more generally sent to a distance, and sold where no suspicion of their guilty character is supposed to exist. But slaves belonging...
Page 136 - Tanghena, within the last few months, and scores have perished, cut off in the midst of health and vigour — their property confiscated, and their families reduced to ruin and misery ! Of one instance I have just heard the melancholy details, from an eye-witness of the tragical scene. An aged widow, upwards of seventy, attended the administration of the ordeal to Jive of her children in one day, all grown up, and having families.
Page 114 - German}-, by Koelreuter, who published reports of his proceedings in the Acts of the Petersburgh Academy between fifty and sixty years ago. Lycium, Digitalis, Nicotiana, Datura, and Lobelia were the chief plants with which he worked successfully, and as I have found nothing in his reports, to the best of my...
Page 30 - Sutton, and added to Sir Charles Lemon's collection at Carclew, where it flowered during November and December 1836.
Page 114 - Heredity lection, opposed to my own general observations, it is unnecessary to state more concerning his mules, than the fact that he was the father of such experiments. They do not seem to have been at all followed up by others, or to have attracted the attention of cultivators or botanists as they ought to have done; and nothing else material on the subject has fallen under my notice of earlier date than Mr. Knight's report of his crosses of fruit trees, and my own of ornamental flowers, in the...
Page 105 - The power of soils to absorb moisture, a principle essential to their productiveness, ought to be much greater in warm and dry countries than in cold and moist ones; and the quantity of fine aluminous earth they contain should be larger.
Page 77 - E. nutans, of a pale straw-colour, and are remarkable for appearing from the side of the stout cylindrical stem, bursting forth from among the dry sheaths with which it is closely invested.

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