American Supremacy: The Rise and Progress of the Latin American Republics and Their Relations to the United States Under the Monroe Doctrine, Volume 1

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Brentano's, 1908 - Latin America
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Page 82 - Outbreak at Chagres. Man-of-war requested for Chagres. June 27, 1853. — Insurrection at Bogota, and consequent disturbance on Isthmus. War vessel demanded. May 23, 1854. — Political disturbances; war vessel requested. June 28, 1854.— Attempted revolution. October 24, 1854. — Independence of Isthmus demanded by provincial legislature. April, 1856. — Riot, and massacre of Americans. May 4, 1856.— Riot. May 18, 1856.— Riot. June 3, 1856.— Riot. October 2, 1856. — Conflict between two...
Page 280 - Mr. President, what is an individual man? An atom, almost invisible without a magnifying glass — a mere speck upon the surface of the immense universe; not a second in time, compared to immeasurable, never-beginning, and never-ending eternity; a drop of water in the great deep, which evaporates and is borne off by the winds; a grain of sand, which is soon gathered to the dust from which it sprung. Shall a being so small, so petty, so fleeting, so evanescent, oppose itself to the onward march of...
Page 83 - States warships were forced to land in order to patrol the Isthmus, to protect life and property, and to see that the transit across the Isthmus was kept open. In 1861, in 1862, in 1885, and in 1900, the Colombian Government asked that the United States Government would land troops to protect its interests and maintain order on the Isthmus.
Page 82 - When these events happened, fifty-seven years had elapsed since the United States had entered into its treaty with New Granada. During that time the Governments of New Granada and of its successor, Colombia, have been in a constant state of flux. The following is a partial list of the disturbances on the Isthmus of Panama during the period in question, as reported to us by our consuls. It is not possible to give a complete list, and some of the reports that speak of "revolutions" must mean unsuccessful...
Page 215 - I have ceased to be a public man ; thus I am more than rewarded for ten years spent in revolution and warfare. My promises to the countries in which I warred are fulfilled : to make them independent, and leave to their will the election of their governments.
Page 83 - August, 1876. — Civil war which lasted until April, 1877. July, 1878. — Rebellion. December, 1878. — Revolt. April, 1879. — Revolution. June, 1879. — Revolution. March, 1883.— Riot. May, 1883.— Riot. June, 1884. — Revolutionary attempt. December, 1884. — Revolutionary attempt. January, 1885. — Revolutionary disturbances. March, 1885. — Revolution. April, 1887. — Disturbance on Panama Railroad.
Page 501 - Ores of copper occur on the southern flank of the mountains between Azua and the river Jaina. Samples obtained by me are yellow copper ore of fair richness, and some samples are of the species known as variegated copper. The beds are. said to compare favorably with similar deposits of ore in the foothills of the mountains in California.
Page 83 - The above is only a partial list of the revolutions, rebellions, insurrections, riots, and other outbreaks that have occurred during the period in question; yet they number 53 for the 57 years. It will be noted that one of them lasted for nearly three years before it was quelled; another for nearly a year. In short, the experience of over half a century has shown Colombia to be utterly incapable of keeping order on the Isthmus. Only the active interference of the United States has enabled her to...
Page 83 - January, 1885. — Revolutionary disturbances. March, 1885. — Revolution. April, 1887. — Disturbance on Panama Railroad. November, 1887. — Disturbance on line of canal. January, 1889.— Riot. January, 1895. — Revolution which lasted until ApriL March, 1895. — Incendiary attempt. October, 1899.— Revolution. February, 1900, to July, 1900.— Revolution. January, 1901. — Revolution. July, 1901. — Revolutionary disturbances. September, 1901. — City of Colon taken by rebels. March,...
Page 349 - Castro, who succeeded them, were only the crafty devices of corrupt and debauched men, who "steal the livery of heaven to serve the devil in.

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