An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States: Canada and the British Possessions from Newfoundland to the Parallel of the Southern Boundary of Virginia, and from the Atlantic Ocean Westward to the 102d Meridian, Volume 2

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1897 - Botany
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Page 519 - Calyx-tube adnate to the ovary, its limb truncate or toothed. Petals usually 5, valvate or slightly imbricate, sometimes cohering together, inserted on the margin of the calyx. Stamens as many as the petals and alternate with them (rarely
Page 411 - 5-parted, the segments imbricated. Petals of the same number, or none. Disk thick, annular, lobed, sometimes obsolete. Stamens 4-12, often 8; filaments filiform. Ovary 2-lobed, 2-celled; styles 2, inserted between the lobes. Fruit of 2 long-winged samaras, joined at the base and
Page 570 - none. Ovary 2-5-celled; style elongated or short; stigma peltate or capitate; ovules usually numerous, anatropous. Fruit a capsule, berry or drupe. Seeds usually numerous and minute, or sometimes only i in each cavity; endosperm fleshy; embryo central; cotyledons short; radicle
Page 622 - imbricated in the bud. Stamens as many as the lobes of the corolla, alternate with them, inserted on the tube or throat;
Page 105 - one of the outer pair spurred at the base, the interior ones narrow, keeled on the back. Stamens 6, in 2 sets, opposite the outer petals. Placentae 2; style
Page 421 - filaments filiform, elongated. Ovary immersed in the disk and adnate to it at the base, 3-lobed. Disk adnate to the calyx. Style short, 3-cleft. Fruit
Page 249 - 25 high. Leaves ovate or oval, acute or acuminate at the apex, rounded or cordate at the base,
Page 438 - Erect, 4-7 high, forming numerous cane-like stems from a perennial root. Leaves ovate or ovatelanceolate, 3'~7' long, cordate or obtuse at the base, acute or acuminate at the apex, the lower or sometimes all lobed at the middle,
Page 616 - before or with the leaves from the axils of those of the previous season. Calyx small, 4-cleft, irregularly toothed,

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