Cooperative Breeding in Mammals

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Solomon Nancy G., Nancy G. Solomon, Jeffrey A. French
Cambridge University Press, Mar 13, 1997 - Science - 390 pages
Cooperative breeding refers to a social system in which individuals other than the parents provide care for the offspring. In addition to alloparental care, two further characteristics are common among species exhibiting cooperative breeding: delayed dispersal and delayed reproduction. Among vertebrates, cooperative breeding is expressed most prominently in birds and mammals. The book explores the phenomenon in a wide variety of mammals, including rodents, primates, viverrids, and carnivores. Comparative studies of cooperative breeding provide important tests for the origin and maintenance of sociality in complex groups. Understanding the behavioral and physiological mechanisms underlying cooperative breeding yields insights into the fundamental building blocks of social behavior in animal societies. Although several recent volumes have summarized the state of our knowledge of the ecology and evolution of cooperative breeding in birds, Cooperative Breeding in Mammals is the first book devoted to these issues in mammals, and it will appeal to zoologists, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and those interested in animal behavior.

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1 The Study of Mammalian Cooperative Breeding
2 The Bioenergetics of Parental Behavior and the Evolution of Alloparental Care in Marmosets and Tamarins ...
3 Proximate Regulation of Singular Breeding in Callitrichid Primates
4 Cooperative Breeding Reproductive Suppression and Body Mass in Canids
5 Hormonal and Experiential Factors in the Expression of Social and Parental Behavior in Canids ...
Interplay between Mechanisms and Evolution
An Evaluation of Future Fitness Effects
8 Examination of Alternative Hypotheses for Cooperative Breeding in Rodents
9 The Psychobiological Basis of Cooperative Breeding in Rodents
Implications for Vertebrate and Invertebrate Sociality
Regulation of Male and Female Reproduction by a Single Breeding Female in Colonies of Naked MoleRats ...
12 Factors Influencing the Occurrence of Communal Care in Plural Breeding Mammals
13 A BirdsEye View of Mammalian Cooperative Breeding

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