The Elusive Hildegarde

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Page 313 - For manners are not idle, but the fruit Of loyal nature, and of noble mind.
Page 269 - I regret that I have but one life to give for my country!
Page 303 - I want to ask you a question and I hope you will not misunderstand my motive.
Page 9 - He was standing at the opposite side of the room with his back towards me and a book in his hand, but a board creaked as I stepped on it, and he swung round quickly. He was surprised to see me, and no mistake. 'What do you want here...
Page 239 - It occurred to him that this was the first time she had ever called him Ray informally since they were children together. For years she hadn't called him anything much—just answered, or looked at him before she spoke. "OK, Sylvia. I remember.
Page 71 - He leaned back in his chair and rested his chin on his hand as he looked at her. " I suppose, then, you have often met Hildegarde Kent at the Conservatory?
Page 153 - Francis planted her elbow on the arm of her chair and rested her cheek on her palm. " Having known Miss Kent at school," she said deliberately, " I should think you would have been very much interested in our discussion of her.
Page 197 - I'm going to understand," he severely answered, " where she has been and what she has been doing in the past three months while I have been sending her two hundred and seventy-five dollars a month to support her and pay for her lessons at the New York Conservatory.
Page 300 - Her face was flushed and there was a brightness in her eyes that suggested tears. " Father has not consented to your going ? " Lyon relentlessly demanded.

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