Rules Adopted by the Committees of Congress: 93rd Congress, October 11, 1973, Compiled By....

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Page 131 - Each meeting for the transaction of business, including the markup of legislation, of each standing committee or subcommittee thereof shall be open to the public except when the committee or subcommittee, in open session and with a majority present, determines by rollcall vote that all or part of the remainder of the meeting on that day shall be closed to the public...
Page 158 - ... when the absent committee member has been informed of the matter on which he is being recorded and has affirmatively requested that he be so recorded.
Page 208 - The chairman may punish breaches of order and decorum, and of professional ethics on the part of counsel, by censure and exclusion from the hearings ; and the committee may cite the offender to the House for contempt.
Page 223 - All committee hearings, records, data, charts, and files shall be kept separate and distinct from the congressional office records of the member serving as chairman of the committee ; and such records shall be the property of the House and all Members of the House shall have access to such records.
Page 5 - Galleries. (4) Television cameras shall be placed so as not to obstruct in any way the space between any witness giving evidence or testimony and any member of the committee or the visibility of that witness and that member to each other.
Page 94 - No witness served with a subpoena by the committee shall be required against his or her will to be photographed at any hearing or to give evidence or testimony while the broadcasting of that hearing, by radio or television, is being conducted. At the request of any such witness who does not wish to be subjected to radio, television or still photography coverage, all lenses shall be covered and all microphones used for coverage turned off.
Page 209 - Code, and to the employees thereof (including employees paid from nonappropriated funds), and (b) to those portions of the legislative and judicial branches of the Federal Government and of the Government of the District of Columbia having positions in the competitive service and to the employees in those positions.
Page 205 - If at least three members of any standing committee desire that a special meeting of the committee be called by the chairman, those members may file in the offices of the committee their written request to the chairman for that special meeting.
Page 91 - ... the general jurisdiction of the committee. Before such authorization is given there shall be submitted to the chairman in writing the following: (1) The purpose of the travel; (2) The dates during which the travel is to be made and the date or dates of the event for which the travel is being made; (3) The location of the event for which the travel is to be made...
Page 223 - Professional staff members authorized by this subsection shall be appointed on a permanent basis, without regard to political affiliation, and solely on the basis of fitness to perform the duties of their respective positions.

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