Gazetteer of Upper Burma and the Shan States, Part 1, Volume 1

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superintendent, Government printing, Burma, 1900 - Burma

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Page 117 - By command of the Queen-Empress, it is hereby notified that the territories formerly governed by King Thibaw will no longer be under his rule, but have become part of Her Majesty's dominions, and will, during Her Majesty's pleasure, be administered by such officers as the Viceroy and Governor-General may from time to time appoint.
Page 401 - At the instant of birth the midwife says " the child is named so-and-so." If she does not do this, some malignant nat or spirit will give the child a name first and so cause it to pine away and die. If mother and child do well, there is general drinking and eating, and the happy
Page 401 - who is angry, he is propitiated by offerings of spirits or by sacrifice in the ordinary manner. If, however, it appears that a sawn has taken possession, then prompt action is necessary. Guns are fired all round the house and along the paths leading into the village, arrows are shot under the floor of the house, dhas
Page 108 - it was added that the Burmese Government would in future be required to regulate the external relations of the country in accordance with the advice of the Government of India and to afford facilities for opening up British trade with China.
Page 401 - and torches are brandished over the body of the woman, and finally old rags, chillies, and other materials likely to produce a sufficiently noisome smell are piled under the raised flooring and set fire to, thereby scaring away any but the most obstinate and pertinacious spirits.
Page 401 - is chaffed. If, however, child-birth is attended with much labour, then it is evident that nats are at work and a tumsa or seer is called into requisition. This man goes to another house in the village and consults the bamboos (chippa-wt) to discover whether it is the
Page 533 - is the erection of a post in a place, set apart for the purpose, in or near each village. A new post is set up every year ; the old ones are left standing, but are not renewed if they fall or decay.
Page 457 - we may reasonably accept the theory that the Kukis of Manipur, the Lushais of Bengal and Assam, and the Chins originally lived in what we now know as Tibet and are of one and the same stock; their form of Government, method of cultivation, manners and customs, beliefs and traditions all point to one origin.
Page 697 - Air Ant Arrow Bird Blood Boat Bone Buffalo Cat Cow Crow Day Dog Ear Earth Egg Elephant Eye Father Fire Fowl Fish Flower Foot Goat Hair Hand Head Hog Horn Horse House Iron ... Leaf Light Man Monkey Moon Mother Mountain
Page 401 - who is averse, or whether a jungle nat has come and driven the guardian nat away. These jungle nats are termed sawn, and are the spirits of those who have died in child-birth or by violent deaths. They naturally wish for companions, and so enter the house and seize the woman and child. If the bamboo declares that it is the

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