Karamania, Or, A Brief Description of the South Coast of Asia-Minor and of the Remains of Antiquity: With Plans, Views, &c. Collected During a Survey of that Coast, Under the Orders of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, in the Years 1811 & 1812

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R. Hunter, (successor to Mr. Johnson,), 1817 - Turkey - 294 pages

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Page 39 - Cape and the small adjacent island wre found it one day almost three miles an hour The great body of water, as it moves to the westward, is intercepted by the western coast of the gulf of Adalia ; thus pent up and accumulated, it rushes with augmented violence towards Cape Khelidonia, where, diffusing itself in the open sea, it again becomes equalized.
Page 39 - From Syria to the Archipelago there is a constant current to the westward, slightly felt at sea, but very perceptible near the shore, along this part of which...
Page 40 - counter currents, or those which return beneath the surface of the water, are also very remarkable. In some parts of the Archipelago they are sometimes so strong as to prevent the steering of the ship ; and in one instance, on sinking the lead, when the sea was calm and clear, with shreds of bunting of various colours attached at every yard of the line, they pointed in different directions all round the compass.
Page 45 - In the inner corner of a ruined building, the wall is undermined so as to leave an aperture of about three feet diameter, and shaped like the mouth of an oven ; from thence the flame issues, giving out an intense heat, yet producing no smoke on the wall; and though from the opening we detached some small lumps of caked soot, the walls were hardly discolored.
Page vi - It was at once the seat of learning and riches, and the theatre of some of the most celebrated events that history unfolds. It was signalized by the exploits of Cyrus and Alexander, and was dignified by the birth and the labours of the illustrious apostle of the Gentiles.
Page 129 - Now the broad and high plain, which stretches to the eastward of the city, terminates in abrupt cliffs along the shore. These cliffs are above 100 feet high, and considerably overhang the sea ; not in consequence of their base having crumbled away, but from their summit projecting in a lip, which consists of parallel lamina, each jutting out beyond its inferior layer ; as if water had been continually flowing over them, and continually forming fresh accretions.
Page 143 - ... Privies, and is finished twelve feet high, in the clear. Each Schoolroom is lighted by four windows, which are all on one side. The first floor is set eighteen inches above the ground at the front of the building. The Cellar is finished seven and a half feet high, in the clear ; and its floor is on a level with the surface of the ground at the back of the building, where is the entrance-door to the first story. The Schoolrooms in the first and second stories are thirty feet in length, by twenty-two...
Page 28 - If the infidels are attracted here by these blasphemous figures, the temptation shall soon cease; for when that dog is gone, I will destroy them.
Page 46 - ... time the vent of a similar flame; but our guide asserted, that, in the memory of man, there had been but the one, and that it had never changed its present size or appearance. It was never accompanied, he said, by earthquakes or noises ; and it ejected no stones, smoke, nor any noxious vapours, nothing but a brilliant and perpetual flame, which no quantity of water could quench.

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