The school for scandal: a comedy

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Page 87 - Old bachelors, who marry smart young wives, Learn from our play to regulate your lives: Each bring his dear to town, all faults upon her — London will prove the very source of honour.
Page 26 - Ha ! ha ! ha ! well said, Sir Peter ! but you are a cruel creature — too phlegmatic yourself for a jest, and too peevish to allow wit in others. Sir Pet. Ah, madam, true wit is more nearly allied to good nature than your ladyship is aware of. Lady Teaz. True, Sir Peter ; I believe they are so near akin that they can never be united.
Page 43 - I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass, Here's to the charmer whose dimples we prize ; Now to the maid who has none, sir : Here's to the girl with a pair of blue eyes; And here's to the nymph with but one, sir. Chorus. Let the toast pass, &c. Here's to the maid with a bosom of snow: Now to her that's as brown as a berry: Here's to the wife with a face full of woe, And now to the damsel that's merry.
Page 5 - Why, truly, Mrs. Clackitt has a very pretty talent, and a great deal of industry. Snake. True, madam, and has been tolerably successful in her day. To my knowledge she has been the cause of six matches being broken off, and three sons disinherited ; of four forced elopements, and as many close confinements ; nine separate maintenances, and two divorces.
Page 16 - We tiffed a little going to church, and fairly quarrelled before the bells had done ringing. I was more than once nearly choked with gall during the honeymoon, and had lost all comfort in life before my friends had done wishing me joy. Yet I chose with caution — a girl bred wholly in...
Page 67 - I do not expect you to credit me — but the tenderness you expressed for me, when I am sure you could not think I was a witness to it, has...
Page 6 - Now, on the face of these circumstances, it is utterly unaccountable to me, why you, the widow of a city knight, with a good jointure, should not close with the passion of a man of such character and expectations as Mr. Surface; and more so why you should be so uncommonly earnest to destroy the mutual attachment subsisting between his brother Charles and Maria.
Page 16 - ... seen a bush or a grass-plot out of Grosvenor Square! I am sneered at by all my acquaintance, and paragraphed in the newspapers. She dissipates my fortune, and contradicts all my humours; yet the worst of it is, I doubt I love her, or I should never bear all this.
Page 1 - Satire has always shone among the rest, And is the boldest way, if not the best, To tell men freely of their foulest faults; To laugh at their vain deeds, and vainer thoughts.
Page 68 - I cannot pretend to decide; for, to do him justice, he appears to have as much speculative benevolence as any private gentleman in the kingdom, though he is seldom so sensual as to indulge himself in the exercise of it. SIR OLIV.

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