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Beautiful. Love the idea of szygic relations with the earth and the idea of loving things different than us making it possible to join with the universal.
Yes a product of his time, but very, very translatable into our own.
Plus it's super short!

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meaning of love means : first follw her till her house comes then a doubt will be ouccring she\he will turn back and see u dont see her suddenly she\he will pick up her\him speed u should also should also the same thing . another day u go with her\him , u ask her\him name she\ himwill tell if she will not say u begg until she\he say
then finaly she will say one day take her to the good cafe buy her what she wants she\he,ok now u will buy and give her ,ok now take her to the good park sit some where were it is good , give her a boque
of floweres red roses she feels happy now say i luv u
this my true

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