The Peaceful Pill Handbook

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Exit International US Ltd, 2006 - Euthanasia - 211 pages
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nO COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE BOOK. iT COULD HAVE GIVEN ME WHAT i NEEDED IN 2 PAGES: wHERE TO BUY THE drug I need and how to take it, and where di I buy it. Thats all I need. Mnay others needed more hand holding. Now, to the person who says the author is responsible for all the teen suicides. Lets all take a deep breath here and learn an important lesson: Some people have not, never will have, and weren't born with any capacity to see 2 or sometimes more sides of an argument.Everything is not either/or. Most things in life are both/what is best solution today, not tomorrow or yesterday.
Ok so if the author is responsible for others suicides....then this lady should never, ever,ever ride in or drive a car again. Because according to her thinking, Henry Ford is responsible for millions of auto deaths,horrible disfigurements, years of pain and horrible situations. I dont hear anyone demonstrating to take cars off the road do we???? Reason: The benefits outweigh the problems. Did this woman ever see a person suffering in so much pain, they dont want to live thru another hour lwt alone a day or a year. I am one of those persons. I have 3 ruptured discs in my back and have had to sleep on things "other" than a bed to get any relief for over 25 yrs. The pain gets worse by the year. Should I never think about using Nembutal when I cant take it anymore. And will this lady take me in and comfort me when thew pain is so bad? I dont think so! Thank God for this Doctor as he risks his life for not much in financial reward to stand behind a cause very few of his colleagues have the balls to do. This is a hero!!!!!!

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Everyone who desires to end their suffering due to illness should have access to this book so they do not have to resort to painful, horrific methods to end their lives. Animals have their suffering ended by painless methods, why shouldn't people?

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