An almond for a parrat or, Cutbert Curry-knaues almes. Re-pr., with an intr. and notes by J. Petheram. (Puritan discipline tracts).

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Page 22 - Therefore we must not measure of Martin as he is allied to Elderton, or tongd like Will Tony, as he was attired like an Ape on ye stage, or sits writing of Paphlets, in some spare out-house, but as is Mar-Prelat of England as he
Page 20 - hath neyther skill nor commission, as shee is a Magistrate, to substitute anie member or minister in the Church. And in an other place, that there is neither vse nor place in the Church for members, ministers or officers of the magistrates making. If this wyll not come in compasse of treason, then farewell the title of Supremacie, and welcome
Page 58 - hath not a battle-axe at his girdle to hough dogs with, or weares not a cock's fether in a thrumb hat like a caualier: briefly, he is the bestfoole
Page 50 - condemnationis." I marrie Sir, here is apeece of scholershippe of the new cut, which for the goodnesse of the Latin might haue borne a part in the Pewteres paggeant. I keepe a register of ten thousand such knacks. Why, there is not a Presician in England that hath abused arte, or mistoken a metaphor but I haue his name in blacke and white, what say
Page 12 - to a compleat libell of leasings. All you that be schollers, read but his last challenge, wherein he laies about him so lamely, as though of his limping brother Pag. hee had lately learned to play at cudgels. But how euer his crazed cause goes on crutches, that was earst so brauely encountered by Pasquin and
Page 30 - and exclude all ecclesiasticall superiority forth the Church as Apocripha. No sooner had these new fangled positions entred the tables of young students, but Singularity the eldest childe of heresy, consulted with male-conted melacholy, how to bring this misbegotte scisme to a monarchy. To which purpose hipocriticall zeale, was addrest as a pursuiuant into all places of Suff. Norff. Essex and Midlesex, with expresse commandement from
Page 20 - compasse of treason, then farewell the title of Supremacie, and welcome agayne vnto Poperie. By this time I thinke, good-man Puritan, that thou art perswaded, that I knowe as well as thy owne conscience thee, namely Martin Makebate of Englande, to bee a moste scuruie and beggerlie benefactor to obedience, and per consequens, to feare neyther men, nor that God who can cast both bodie and soule into
Page 55 - she will be drunke once a day, and then she lyes her downe on her bedde, and cryes, O my God, my God, thou knowest I am drunke, and why I should offend thee my God by spuing thus, as I do. I haue not beene in Essex yet, but He set in my
Page 21 - howe you will, which shall bereaue blushing iniquitie of the figge leaues of hypocrisie, yet will the eie of immortalitie discerne of your painted pollutions, as the euer-liuing foode of perdition. The humours of my eies are the habitations of fountaines, and the circumference of my heart the enclosure of
Page 45 - with stripes. Authority best knows how to diet these bedlamites, although Segnior Penry in his last waste paper hath subscribed our magistrats infants. Repent, repent thou runnagate lozill, and play not the Seminary any longer in corners, least thy chiefest benefactors forsake thee, and recouer the pouerty of their fines,

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