The Business Man in the Amusement World: A Volume of Progress in the Field of the Theatre

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Broadway Publishing Company, 1910 - Impresarios - 362 pages
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Page 268 - Lessing, who found in Spinoza a strength and solace he sought in vain elsewhere, though he never accepted the system as a whole. His conversation with Jacobi (1780), a diligent though hostile student of the Ethics, may be said to mark the beginning of a new epoch in the history of Spinozism. Attention once attracted was never again withdrawn, and received a powerful impulse from Goethe, who more than once confessed his indebtedness to the Ethics, which indeed is abundantly evident throughout his...
Page 99 - His dignified courtesy and personal amiability have endeared him to all with whom he has come in contact, and in learning and surgical skill he is held here in the highest esteem as a worthy representative of the greatest traditions of the American school.
Page 328 - Park, but it was the Hippodrome that caused these mere boys to be regarded with open wonder. When inaugurated, the entire enterprise was so wholly beyond anything New Yorkers had ever known, that it really took a year to reach a gait.
Page 250 - And yet, this latest craze does not seem to possess the elements of sustained interest desired by its exponents, nor can it be said that even the surroundings of a symphony orchestra and the selection of the scores of the world's greatest masters will overcome, for any great length of time, the suggestive, if not questionable type of costume— or shall I say the lack of such? which, after all, is the basic element by which these wholly unknown "dancers
Page 314 - He began to present the biggest bills in this country; and he advertised tremendously. Murdock brought into prominence a number of the most successful vaudeville acts of to-day. It was he who evolved the act known as "The Girl with the Auburn Hair," surrounding her with a sort of mysterious identity.
Page 156 - Mr. Judah has reduced to a science his policy of catering to his public, with a result that is best illustrated by the statenjent that really all of the attractions which play the "Grand" at a dollar scale for the best seats, play in other cities at $1.50 and even at $2.00. Yet, at the lower schedule in the popular "Grand," receipts of $10,000 for a week are common, year after year.
Page 245 - They were just a quartette of incompetents, and were so indifferent as to their reception by the public, that they were in demand for many years, at a salary far higher than would have been accorded them if they had possessed real ability.
Page 116 - Vernon enters this establishment at least once a week ; an empty seat is unknown, while it is by no means uncommon, on ordinary days, to see a thousand persons, waiting in the lobbies and on the sidewalk for an opportunity to enter.
Page 117 - But we must consider that in Greater New York alone no less than twenty modern and fully equipped theatres have been transformed into the type of amusement resort where a combination of pictures and vaudeville may be seen at prices ranging from 5 to 25 cents, and this number is far in excess of the new theatres that have been erected.

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