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Must read for any engineering or management professions!

User Review  - Brandon - Target

In this book, Goldratt is able to convey the importance of constraints and bottlenecks through the trials of Alex Rogo. He is able to capture and maintain the reader's attention by following his ... Read full review

Have we truely reached the goal?

User Review  - Spenstemp - Borders

What do people strive for? They strive to reach the goal, but do they fully understand the goal? Great books such as the Art of War and the Book of Five Rings may seem at first narrowed to only ... Read full review

Great learning experience

User Review  - DJCh - Borders

If you are anything like me, you find that any book assigned to be read automatically becomes uninteresting and tedious to read; in my case, I solve that problem by finding the audiobook. Usually, in ... Read full review


User Review  - staygone0907 - Borders

The Goal is such a rich story in terms of evaluating what is important and what is insignificant in life. The main character Alex Rogo is faced with many challenges from problems at work, to trying to ... Read full review

The Goal: The Novel That Is Changing American Business

User Review  - Not Available - Book Verdict

Alex Rogo manages a failing manufacturing plant, and his marriage is on shaky ground due to his long work hours. When his district manager tells him that profits must increase or the plant will be ... Read full review

Great Book

User Review  - akhan18 - Borders

This was a great read I used it in business schooll still use the concepts from the book at my work place. Read full review

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