Glue and Glue Testing

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Scott, Greenwood & Company, 1900 - Glue - 144 pages
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Page 104 - Mix and digest for half an hour on a water bath with repeated shaking, and filter through clean tow moistened with distilled water.
Page 73 - ... pressed, the vellum will adhere better. Old binders took great pains in covering their white vellum books. The vellum was lined carefully with white paper and dried before covering : this in some degree hindered the shrinking in drying, and enabled the workman to give the boards a thin and even coat of glue, which was allowed to dry before putting on the covering. Roan is covered with glue and turned in with paste. Head and tail only need be pared round the head-band. Cloth is covered by glueing...
Page v - Varieties —Raw Materials and Manufacture : Glue Stock, Lining, Extraction, Washing and Clarifying, Filter Presses, Water Supply, Use of Alkalies, Action of Bacteria and of Antiseptics, Various Processes, Cleansing, Forming, Drying, Crushing, etc., Secondary Products...
Page iii - Books on the art of glue making are more than usually scarce, and users of that article, as well as those who may be tempted to embark in the industry, should therefore welcome this book by Dr. Samuel Rideal, a Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry, and a leading authority. In this book he has collected the more important facts connected with the manufacture of glue and allied products, and stated the experience he has gained in examining various commercial samples during the past ten years. . . ....
Page 103 - Dyes tannined cotton, silk and wool, red. Iris Blue. See FLUORESCENT BLUE. Iris Green. See SAP GREEN. Irish Diamond. An Irish quartz crystal sometimes used as a gem stone. Irish Pearl Moss. Caragheen moss, a gelatinous seaweed, Chondrus crispus. It contains carrageenin allied to pectin. It is employed as a substitute for isinglass, as a size for thickening colours in calico printing, and for stiffening silk. Irish Peat Wax (Montana Wax, Montanin Wax). Waxes extracted from Irish peat are sold under...
Page 72 - ... will partly or entirely dissolve. It should be of pale color, but this is imitated in some qualities by bleaching with acid. When it is to be put to use it should be broken up and soaked for twelve hours, then boiled and turned out into a pan to get cold ; when cold pieces may be cut out and placed in the glue-pot as desired. It loses much strength by frequent remelting.
Page 104 - The air-dried product of the action of boiling water on such animal tissues as skin, tendons, ligaments and bones.
Page 104 - In translucent and almost colourless sheets or shreds. A solution in 50 parts of hot water is inodorous, and solidifies to a jelly on cooling. Solubility. — Soluble in water and in acetic acid ; insoluble in alcohol 90 per cent, and ether. Aqueous solution is precipitated by solution of tannic acid ; not by diluted acids, solutions of alum or of lead acetate, or solution of ferric chloride. Gelatin is an ingredient of Suppositoria Glycerini...
Page 33 - Poisenille forms the basis of the mathematics of flow liquids and nitration in general. danger of moulds forming and these, if allowed to infect the gelatine, result in a lowering of the quality of the finished product. Rideal, "Glue and Gelatine," stresses the above point. "A press, particularly a wooden one, should always be kept scrupulously clean ; if it is absolutely necessary for the wood to remain at rest for a time, it must be washed with dilute chlorine water, or very weak chloride of lime,...
Page 103 - Isinglassine made from calves' feet and other sources and reduced by machinery to a pliable homogenous mass, rolled out into sheets, dried, pressed, and shredded ; each round is cut into about 125,000 shreds or staples. Other substitutes are Irish Moss and Chinese Moss, both of which are of vegetable origin, and do not concern us at the moment. .> The hydrogen-ion concentration of the beer affects the "fining

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