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Page 11 - From the crown of my head to the sole of my foot, I'm alive, I'm alive!
Page 247 - ... way I conceive to make her love you, is to convince her that you love her. Now this certainly is not to be done by...
Page 248 - I cannot believe Petrarch in love with his, when he writes conceits upon her name, her gloves, and the place of her birth.
Page 33 - And from the wind and waves his fortune wait : Let the loud lawyer break his brains, and be A slave to wrangling coxcombs for a fee : Let the rough soldier fight his prince's foes, And for a livelihood his life expose : I wage no war, I plead no cause but love's, I fear no storms, but what Celinda moves.
Page 247 - ... as are natural for every man in love to think. The moderns, on the other hand, have fought out for occafions that none meet with but themfelves ; and fill their verfes with thoughts that are furprizing and glittering, but not tender, paffionatc, or natural to a man in love.
Page 51 - Is now but like a pardon fent To one that's dead before. While at the firft you cruel prov'd, And grant the blifs too late ; You hindcr'd me of one I lov'd, To give me one I hate.
Page 67 - Corn lyes wither'd on the Ground ! The hungry Wolves devour thy fatten'd Lambs ; And bleating for the Young, makes lean the Dams. Take, Shepherd, take thy Hook, thy Flocks purfue, And when one Nymph proves cruel, find a New.
Page 35 - Throne, Reftrain'd by nothing but their Will alone) Here can cry up, and there as boldly blame, And, as they pleafe, give Infamy or Fame. In vain the * Tyrian Queen refigns her Life, For the bright Glory of a fpotlefs Wife, If lying Bards may falfe Amours rehearfe, And blaft her Name with arbitrary Verfc.
Page 249 - Encouragement to this falfe fort of Wit in the World : for People feeing the great Credit he had, and has, indeed, to this Day, not only in Italy, but over all Europe, have fatisfied themfelves with the Imitation of him, never enquiring whether the way he took was the right or not.

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