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Page 229 - I am directed by the secretary to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 22nd instant, and in reply to inform you that the...
Page 25 - Great is the vis inertioe to be overcome; the repugnance to self-taxation; the practical distrust of science; and the number of persons interested in offending against sanitary laws, even amongst those who must constitute chiefly the local authorities to enforce them.
Page 240 - I am directed by the Poor Law Board to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the...
Page 90 - Their prophecies never come to pass ; and of their secrets, what is true is not new, and what is new is not true.
Page 223 - We cannot conclude this part of our report without giving expression to our profound conviction, that no code of laws, however complete in theory, upon a matter of such importance and complexity as the health of the community, can be expected to attain its object, unless men of superior education and intelligence throughout the country, feel it their duty to come forward and take part in its working.
Page 171 - It may be said as Croydon was sewered on the small-pipe system, the result of non-ventilation was attended with more marked results than is the case in towns where sewers of larger size are in vogue, as the fluctuation in the rate of flow, and the effect of sudden changes of temperature, which have an extraordinary influence on the air of sewers, in this case exercised a more marked effect in increasing the pressure of the imprisoned sewer air.
Page 181 - It [charcoal] possesses the power, not only of absorbing certain smelling gases, sulphuretted hydrogen and ammonia, but also of destroying the gases thus absorbed ; for otherwise its purifying action would soon be greatly impaired. It is very porous, and its pores are filled with condensed oxygen to the extent of eight times its bulk.
Page 224 - ... and obligatory, and there should be more ready means of compelling negligent or evasive authorities to the performance of their duties. There should be general building regulations, applicable to the whole of the country. It should be absolutely obligatory upon all river-polluting, air-poisoning, or smoke-producing manufacturers to purify their refuse and consume their smoke. Local officers should be in a better position as to qualification, remuneration, and protection ; their office should...
Page 171 - ... parts of the town traveled by means of the sewers and infected the higher districts. In 1866 the sewers were systematically ventilated, and since that time there have been, until lately, no periodical outbreaks of fever, and, with a doubled population, " the rate of mortality rarely exceeds eighteen in the thousand, which is a standard of health unparalleled in the history of sanitary science for a district having so large a population.
Page 182 - ... of ammonia, they contain carbon. Let them, however, be what they may, either physically suspended organic molecules, or complex volatile alkalies; and be the morbific agent either the one or the other, there is in charcoal a perfect means of arresting and oxydising all the noxious compounds contained in these gases.

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