The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - Confederate States of America
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Page 343 - Tennessee are in favor of the Union; it therefore seems proper that you should remain on the defensive on the line from Louisville to Nashville, while you throw the mass of your forces, by rapid marches by Cumberland Gap or Walker's Gap, on Knoxville, in order to occupy the railroad at that point, and thus enable the loyal citizens of Eastern Tennessee to rise, while you at the same time cut off the railway communication between Eastern Virginia and the Mississippi.
Page 379 - The government of the Confederate States has not only respected most scrupulously the neutrality of Kentucky, but has continued to maintain the friendly relations of trade and intercourse which it has suspended with the people of the United States generally.
Page 186 - I am prepared to say, that I will agree to withdraw the Confederate troops from Kentucky, provided she will agree that the troops of the Federal Government be withdrawn simultaneously, with a guaranty which I will give reciprocally for the Confederate Government, that the Federal troops shall not be allowed to enter or occupy any point in Kentucky in the future.
Page 470 - We have received but little accession to our ranks since the Confederate forces crossed the line — in fact, no such enthusiastic demonstration as to justify any movements not warranted by our ability to maintain our own communications.
Page 22 - The style of all process shall be "The State of Kansas," and all prosecutions shall be carried on in the name of the State.
Page 91 - To my old comrades in arms, still in the ranks of the usurpers of their Government and liberties, I appeal in the name of former friendship: Drop at once the arms which degrade you into the tools of tyrants, renounce their service, and array yourselves under the colors of justice and freedom! I am empowered to receive you into the service of the Confederate States; the officers upon their commissions, the men upon their enlistments.
Page 315 - Secretary) was tired of this defensive war, and that the troops must assume the oflensive and carry the war to the firesides of the enemy ; that the season for operations in Western Virginia was about over, and that he would take the troops from there and send them to Kentucky; but he begged of General Sherman to assume the offensive and to keep the rebels hereafter on the defensive. The Secretary desired that the Cumberland Ford and Gap should be seized, and the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad...
Page 285 - ... railroad through that state. He assures me that he can have it done if the Government will intrust him with a small sum of money to give confidence to the persons to be employed to do it. It would be one of the most important services that could be done for the country, and I most earnestly hope that you will use your influence with the authorities in furtherance of his plans which he will submit to you together with the reasons for doing the work.
Page 565 - ... masse in his department, by a method always popular in those States — subject, however, to the condition prescribed by Mr. Benjamin's order in regard to arms. Accordingly, on November 19th, he made a requisition on Governor Harris : To call forth every loyal soldier of the militia into whose hands arms can be placed, or to provide a volunteer force large enough to use all the arms that can be procured.
Page 379 - Although I have no reason to presume that the Government of the Confederate States contemplate or have...

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