Radio Phone Receiving: A Practical Book for Everybody

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Page 108 - Research Laboratories of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Western Electric Company...
Page 89 - ... at some positive value, more or less electrons will flow from filament to plate depending upon the potential of the grid. If the grid goes positive (with respect to the filament) the plate current is increased and the grid itself takes a small current; if the grid goes negative the grid draws no current at all, and the plate current is diminished.
Page 71 - The telephone of the radio receiver consists of a permanent magnet, around each pole of which is wound a bobbin of wire. The greater the number of turns in each of these bobbins, the more sensitive will the telephones be.
Page 89 - ... fluctuating one, never reversing) and the voltages we consider are alternating voltages. The voltage which produces the alternating plate current is impressed on the grid; this grid voltage produces changes in the plate current just as though the voltage had been introduced directly in the plate circuit. But the grid voltage is much more effective in controlling the plate current than would be the same voltage introduced directly into the plate circuit, and is greater by the factor p.
Page 71 - The coils on the the bobbin carry all the current that flows through the telephone set. In order that the effect of this current may be proportional to the current, the permanent magnet mentioned above is inserted. The iron diaphragm is placed over the poles of this magnet, and held in position by means of the cover and the action of the poles.
Page 121 - ... from the last stage of an amplifier, a soft iron armature which can move in the field of the magnet...
Page 89 - In the average tube used in receiving sets, increasing the potential of the grid one volt will produce as much increase in plate current as will be brought about by increasing the plate voltage by five to ten volts.
Page 40 - American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Page 71 - The resistance of the telephones may be taken as an indication of the number of turns on the bobbins, and consequently of the relative sensitivity of the telephones.
Page 32 - However, no attempt is made to listen to the radio frequency waves at all, but only to changes in the wave, that is, variations in their width of swing or amplitude.

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