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Anniversary addition of the classic if controversial work. This includes a new introduction with a helpful brief biography of Rachel Carson and an afterword by Edward O. Wilson. Read full review

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What people don't realize is, this book, written by
Rachel Carson brought to light how out random spraying of DDT by the government was killing off the wildlife population. Very important point. I am absolutely glad she wrote it !!!!!

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I give this book a one only because I couldn't do a negative one. Full of unsubstantiated rhetoric. No basis in scientific fact. Also million's died from her book of untruths. In all credit she did receive a medal from Jimmy Carter are worst president. Fortunately her book has been disprooved and DDT is again allowed in countries that really need it to save lives. Other reviewer's should check there fact's. DDT also may prove helpful in cancer patient's. Studies are promising. 

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Rachel Carson did an amazing job at bringing the public knowledge about the pesticides being used in their food and around their homes. This book was a hugely relevant when it came out and unfortunately many of the problems she identifies in this book are still issues today. Easy reading for the lay person. Historically relevant. I would like to find something with up to date information now to see what has changed and what hasn't as a result of Rachel Carson's work.  

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Well written, thought-provoking and interesting book. Carson's factual approach enables this book to retain relevance 50 years on, and is not marred by overly emotional claims on what is is frightening and emotive issue. A brilliant book.

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I can't believe people are still reading this drivel (and believing it). Carson's book was discredited a long time ago.

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The book is aspiring.It covers the all modes of pollutions and its consequences.It encourages us to save our nature.It prompts us to live for nature.

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