London in 1555 and died in 1571 (Hasted's Kent; 2 ed.; vii; 157). Under date of 31 December, l611, there is an entry in the State Papers "Old Lady Barnes dead". (Calendar of State PapersDo

mestic; 1611-I6I8; 104). Anne (Garrard) Barne's estate was administered upon 8 January, 1611-12 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations). An inquisition post mortem upon Sir George Barne's estate was taken at Woolwich, 28 September, 1593 (C. Vol. 237; No. m). Sir George Barne's will, dated 2 April, 1591, was proved 20 January, 1592-3 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills; Nevill 1), and over a half century later administration upon his estate was granted at York, 24 June, 1648 (sic).

Will of Sir George Barne, Knt., alderman of the City of London, 2 April, 1591, I will that my body be buried in the parish of St. Edmond the Kinge. I bequeath all that my lease, terms of years, state and interest in the manors and park of Beverly co. York, to Dame Anne, my wife, upon condition that she do yearly content and pay my brother, John Barne, of Willsdon, co. Middx., Esqr. & Jane, his wife, such yearly rents or annuities as I have hitherto granted them, & that she do pay to Elizabeth Meverell, widow, a yearly annuity of £40 a year. If she fail in this performance, or on her death, I give the residue of the said estate to my three sons, Mark, Peter and Richard, on the conditions; if they fail to keep the said conditions, I give the same to my eldest son, William. Executrix:—Dame Anne, my wife. Signed:—

The Garrard line begins with
I. Tho. Gerrard1 of Slttlngborne in Kent.
II. Lawrence Gerrards.

III. John Garrarda.

IV. Wllliemus Garrard4 de Dorney in com: Buk[Bucks]miles, Major London 1555. Sepult. in eccl'ia S*ci Magni [St. Magnus-the-Martyr] prope pontem London [married] Isabell da. of Julinus Nethermill of Coventry In com: Warr[Warwick] Gent. [Issue] (1) Sr. Will'm Garards of Dorney, Knight, [married] Elizabeth da. of Tho. Rowe, Kt. Lo[rd] Mayor (by whom he had nine children named In the Visitation]; (2) George Garrard8 2[nd] son; (3) Sr. John Garrards 3[rd] son Knight, Malor of London; (4) Peter Garrards, 4[th] son; (5) Anne Garrards— See V.

V. Anne Garrards, wife to George Barne sonne and heir to Sr. Geo. Barne, Knight .

Sir William Garrard, lord mayor of London 1555-1556, and father of Anne, wife of Sir George Barne, the younger, was knighted in 1555

Bhaw's Knights of England; 1906; 11; 69). He was a member of the Haberdashers Company and "dwelt In Pissing Conduit in Christopher's Parish and was buried at St. Magnus, in which parish he was born"

Stout's Survey of London and Westminster; 6th ed. 1755; 11; 279). In 1571 there was probated the will of "Sir William Garrarde, knight, alderman of London, of St. Magnus the Martir where I was borne; (with possessions] in Slttlngborne, Newlngton and Milton, Kent" (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills; S Draper).

No attempt has been made to trace Julyan Nethersmyll of St. Michaell, Coventry whose will was probated in 1540 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 6 Alemger), and who was the father of Isabell, wife of Sir William Garrard.

George Barne. Witnesses: George Samwell, of London, pub-
lic notary, John Savage, servant of the said notary, Thomas
Willis. Proved: 20 January, 1592K3] by Alexander Serle,
public notary, proctor to the executrix.

Issue of Sir George Barne3 (George1, George2) and his wife Anne

1. Sir William Barnes of Woolwich, Knight. Born about 1568. Died 7 May, 1619. See post IV.

2. George Barnes of St. Edmund's, London, and of Woolwich. Apparently unmarried. Estate administered 12 October, 1594, by his brother William Barne. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations, 1594).

3. Francis Barne4 of Woolwich. Administrator of his mother's estate and executor under the will of his brother Richard Barne. He was buried at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, London. His will dated 23 May, 1629, and proved 29 May, 1634, has not been previously published (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills; Seagar, 44). I, Francis Barne of Woolwich, Kent, Esq. My body to the church parish in Lombard Street, London, in the vault where my deceased father Sir George Barne, Knight, lyeth. To the poor of Woolwich forty shillings. To my nephew Sir William Barne, Knight, son and heir of my deceased brother Sir William Barne, Knight, £200. To my Ould Lady Barne my sister in law, to my nephew Robert Barne, and to my neece my Lady Lovelesse forty shillings each for rings. To my sister Machell of Tungley [Tangley] forty shillings for a ring. To my neece Mary Powle, wife to David Powell of London, £20. To my cousin John Roulfe £10 with the bed, etc. he now lyeth on. Residue to my nephew George Barne son and heir to Marke Barne deceased. Said George Barne sole executor. To my adopted nephew Mr. Porter Newton, Esq. twenty shillings for a ring. Witnesses: John Blunt, Thomas Lathbery.

4. Thomas Barne4. Named in the Visitation of London, 1568 [with addenda to 1687]. Apparently died unmarried before his father's death.

5. John Barne4. Named in the Visitation of London 1568 [with addenda to 1687]. Apparently died unmarried before his father's death.

6. Mark Barnes. Named in the will of his father and of his brother Richard. Married and had issue George, Richard and Mary Barne.

7. Peter Barne4. Named in his father's will 1591.

8. Richard Barne4 of Tangley, Surrey. Matriculated at St. John's College, Oxford, 12 July, 1588, aged 15; Bachelor of Arts 1591. Named in his father's will. Died 6 October, 1620,, and buried 8 October, at Wonersh, Surrey. His will, dated 5 September, 1620, proved 4 May, 1621 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills; Dale, 38). He married, as her second husband, Elizabeth Aungier, daughter of Sir Francis Aungier, 1st Lord Aungier, Master of the Rolls (Ireland). Her first husband was Symon Caryll, and her third husband John Machell.

9. Anne Barne4. She married Walter Marley by license (Bishop of London) 17 July, 1584; she married secondly Sir Francis Aungier, 1st Lord Aungier of Longford as his second wife; he was the father of Elizabeth Aungier who married Richard Barne, aforesaid.

IV. Sir William Barnes (George1, George2, George3), of Woolwich, Kent. Born about 1568, as he was aged 24 and more 28 September 1593, when the inquisition post mortem upon his father's estate was taken. He was knigted at Whitehall 23 July, 1603 (Shaw's Knights of England; 1906; ii; 117). He is named in his father's will as the eldest son. He was the administrator of his mother's estate, 1611-12, and is referred to in the will of his brother Francis Barne, dated 1629, as then deceased. He received the grant of a market at Woolwich 1 June, 1618. He subscribed and paid his subscription of £37-10-0 to the Second Virginia Company (Brown's Genesis, p. 825). He died at Woolwich, 7 May, 1619, where an inquisition post mortem was taken, 22 October, 1619. Neither his will nor administration has been found. He married, about 1586, Anne Sandys, the daughter of Edwin Sandys, D. D., Archbishop of York in the reign of Elizabeth, by his second wife Cecily, daughter of Sir Thomas Wilford [Wilsford] of Cranbrook, Kent, knight. Sketches of the Sandys and Wilsford families will follow in a later paper. The family bible of the Archbishop shows that Anne Sandys was born 21 Junes., 1570 (Brown's Genesis, 992). The agreement of marriage was dated 11 May, 1586 (see inquisition post mortem of Sir George Barne3 ante). The monument in the Woodham Ferrers church to her mother Cecily Sandys, which enumerates the latter's nine children, refers to her as "Ann her 2nd daughter married to Sir William Barn of Woolwich". After the death of the first husband in 1619, she married sometime prior to 25 August, 1625, Edward Poulter, esq., of Bradfield, Herts, whom she also outlived. The will of Edward Poulter, esq. of Bradfield, Herts, dated 25 August, 1625, and proved 2 May, 1626, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (Hele; 60) is lengthy document from which only a few quotations need be made here. He directs that he be buried in Collered chancel with an "inscription to be graven in quere brass". He refers to his first wife Mary Litton of Knebworth by whom he had seven sons and four daughters. He provides that "Arthur Pulter, my grandson and heir shall suffer Anne, Lady Barne, wife of me the said Edward, peaceably to enjoy for the term of the said lady's life, one copyhold close of pasture called Stockins in Wymondley Magna, according to the time, intent, and meaning of the book of indenture of covenants, made touching the marriage of Litton Pulter, gent., son and heir of me the said Edward, and father of the said Arthur, and for provision of jointure for a second wife of the said Edward". The widow was living 23 May, 1629, when she is named in the will of Francis Barne4 as "Ould Lady Barne, my sister in law" (see ante). She apparently returned to Woolwich to end her days, for her estate was administered upon 10 February, 1629 [-30] when a "commission was issued to Robert Barne [upon the estate of] Dame Anne Barne, late of the parish of Woolwich, co. Kent, widow, deceased to administer the goods, etc. of the said deceased." (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations, 1630). It is interesting to note that in both of the above documents, the custom of the day is followed in referring to the woman, if she had been married more than once, by the name of the husband having the highest rank, and not by the name of her last husband, if he were of inferior rank.

The inquisition post mortem upon the estate of Sir William Barnes, recently secured by the writer from the Chancery records, in the absence of a will, is of special interest:

Inquisition taken at East Greenwich, co. Kent, 22 October, 17 James [1619] upon the estate of Sir William Barne Kt. The jury says that the said Sir William was seised of the manor of Aeon in Plumstead, a capital messuage called "le Towerplace" in Woolwich, of various messuages and lands in Plumstead and Bexley in the occupation of divers (specified) tenants, and of the manor of Calthorpe, co. Lincoln. All these premises he settled (under a fine levied in accordance with the terms of an indenture dated 10 Oct. 16 James I) on the marriage to be solemnized between Sir William Barne, Kt., his son and heir apparent, and Dorothy Manwood, second daughter of Sir Peter Manwood, Knight of the Bath; contingent remainders were thereby reserved in tail male for his other sons Robert, Thomas, Miles, John and George Barne. This marriage was afterwards celebrated. Anne, widow of Sir William in the writ named, is still living at Woolwich. Sir William died there 7 May, 17 James [1619]. Sir William Barne, his son and heir is aged 26 and more. (Chancery Inquisition Post-mortem, Series ii, Vol. 421, No. 121).

Issue of Sir William Barnes (George1, George2, George') and his wife Anne Sandys:

1. Sir William Barne5 of Woolwich. Knighted at Greenwich 29 June, 1618. Aged 26, 7 May, 1619. Living and married before 16 May, 1632, when he is named in his sister Anne Lovelace's will. Married Dorothy Manwood, daughter of Sir Peter Manwood of St. Stephens, Canterbury, K. B., by Francis, daughter of Sir John Harte. Issue four sons. See also Visitation of Kent, 16x9 (Harl. Soc. lxii; 144).

2. Robert Barne5 of Great Grimsby, Lincoln. Married prior to 16 May, 1632, Elizabeth Twisden daughter of Thomas Twisden of Wye, Kent. Issue eight children.

3. Thomas Barne5 of Woolwich. Died unmarried, and estate administered 24 March, 1629-30.

4. Rev. Miles Barne5. Of Westminster School and M. A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1626. Rector of Bishopsbourne, Kent. Died November 1, 1670, aged 70. Married 1632 Jane Travers. Their eldest son, the Rev. Miles Barne, was chaplainin-ordinary to Charles II, and died 1708.

5. John Barne5. Died before 22 February, 1630-1. (Married Mildred ).

6. George Barne5. Living and married 16 May, 1632.

7. Anne Barne5. Born about 1590. Died 1633. Married 1st Sir William Lovelace, the younger; married and Dr. Jonathan Browne. See post V.

V. Anne Barne5 (George1, George2, George3, William4). She was apparently born between 1587 and 1592. She is named in the will of her uncle Francis Barne, dated 1629, as "my neece my Lady Lovelesse" to whom he leaves forty shillings for a ring (see ante). She married first, apparently about 1610, Sir William Lovelace, the younger, knight, of Bethersden and Woolwich, Kent, the son of Sir William Lovelace, the elder, knight, of Bethersden, and his wife Elizabeth Aucher, by whom she had issue five sons and three daughters, Richard Lovelace the poet, Thomas Lovelace, Francis Lovelace, governor of New York, William Lovelace, Dudley Lovelace, Anne Lovelace married the Rev. John Gorsuch, Joana Lovelace married Robert Caesar, and Elizabeth Lovelace married Daniel Hayne. Sir William Lovelace died 12 August, 1627. His widow Anne (Barne) Lovelace married secondly Di*. Jonathan Browne. Crisp gives the date of this marriage as 20 January, 1630, and says that the marriage took place at Greenwich (Visitation of England and Wales; Notes; vii; 121-9). By her second husband she had a daughter Anne Browne who married prior to 8 April, 1645, Herbert Crofte, S. T. P. and D. D. Dr. Jonathan Browne was dean of Hereford in 1636 and canon of Westminster in 1639. He

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