BASIC Programming Today: A Structured Approach

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West, 1986 - Computers - 485 pages
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Input and Output
Looping Statements

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algorithm array ASCII assembly language assigned average binary search bubble sort Calculate CEDAR RAPIDS Celsius central processing unit character string CHEESEBURGER column command computer file contains continued on next control characters control passes cost data items DATA statements DAVE MCDONALD Debugging DEC system DIFFERENCES Apple disk dollar sign elements ENTER ALBUM error example expression Fahrenheit filename Filenumber flowchart following data FOR/NEXT loop format FRED ZIMMERMAN FRENCH FRIES function GOSUB GOTO HAMBURGER high-level languages IBM/Microsoft identity matrix IF/THEN IF/THEN statement IF/THEN/ELSE statement infinite loop INPUT ENTER INPUT statement integer JETSON John Kemeny keyboard Learning Check line 50 line number logic logical operators loop body loop control variable LSET machine language Macintosh Macintosh/Microsoft magnetic tape main memory main program matrix menu merge sort microcomputers Microsoft BASIC minicomputers Modularizing Programs natural logarithm needed NEXT statement None numeric variable ON/GOSUB ON/GOSUB statement ON/GOTO OPEN GROUP operations output Perform primary key primary storage PRINT statement print zones processing program execution program in Figure program segment program variable programming language Programming Problem pseudocode radians random number READ record REM REM REM reserved word RETURN RETURN statement RUNNH SAM BASIC scores secondary storage semicolon sequential access sequential file Shell sort single-precision specified Start step stepwise refinement storage stored string functions string variable structure chart structured programming subroutine terminal value Thomas Kurtz top-down design trailer value trigonometric functions True BASIC type code Update URBANK variable name WEND WHILE loop Write a program

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