The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published, 5E

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•Includes tips about everything from agents to electronic publishing.


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How to Use This Book
But Wait Theres More
Whats Your Reason?
Do People Still Buy Books?
Open for Business
But I Dont Live in New York
Writers Wanted
What the WorldDoesntNeed
The Meeting Begins
Second Chances?
They Like Me They Really Do
The Work
The Advance
Grant of Rights

And the Categories Are
Fiction Categories
Nonfiction Categories
Life in the Fast Lane
From Category to Specific Topic
The HighConcept Approach
Find a Need and Fill It
Audience Appeal
Look Around You
Whats That You Said?
Let the Shows Show You
Im Not Wasting TimeIm Working
Sniffing Out Gaps and Niches
Now You Know the Game
Is It a Book?
Meeting Your Customer
Sizing Up the Competition
Online Catalogs
What Are the Clubs Selling?
Cracking the Print Code
Pick a Booksellers Brain
Online Sleuthing
More Assigned Reading
But I Want to Write a Novel
Minimize Your Rejection Rate
Whats In and Whats Out by Category
Love Is a ManyPublished Thing
Love Writing About Love?
Beyond Hot Romance
Nouveau Niche
Whats Cookin with Cookbooks?
The Publishing House at Pooh Corner
Market Savvy for Success
The Early Bird
Simply Submit
A Day in the Life of Book Publishing
The Top Mistakes New Writers Make
Warning Warning
A Great Example of a Bad Query
Look Like a Pro on the Page
Now Where Should I Send It?
Query? Whats That?
Writer Edit Thyself
Write a Good One and Then Let It Be
EMail Etiquette
SASEs and Other Ways to Hear Back
But They Asked for It
The Rules
The Art of Proposal Writing
Building a Book Proposal
The Cover Page
The Pitch
What a Great Idea
Compete with the Best
Lets Hear About You
Do You Need a Partner?
The Kitchen Sink
Proposing Your SelfPublished Book
So I Have to Write the Whole Book First?
And Then I Have to Write the Whole BookAgain?
The NeverEnding Story
Ready Set Query
Introducing the Mighty You
How Hard Can That Be?
An Invitation for a Proposal
Friends in High Places
Agents and Editors Doing Lunch
A Hope and a Prayer
Money Money Money
Double Indemnity
After the Deal Is Done
Should You Get an Agent?
Members of the Club
Just How Much Is This Gonna Cost?
Where to Look for Agents
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
The Good Agent
Big Name Superb Credentials
Return to Sender
You Hooked One
Try Try Again
A Day in the Life of an Agent
99 Percent Ready
Love at First Sight
The AgentAuthor Agreement
Hello Its Your Author
Ante Up
Going Once Going Twice Sold
How Much Can I Expect?
Breaking Up
The Ivy Leagues
Small Can Be Good
Tight Niches
To SelfPublish or Not to SelfPublish?
Youre on Your Own
Hurry Up and Wait
Sorry Not Right for Our Needs at This Time
Consider This
Committee Decisions
Hows It Gonna Sell?
Delivery of Manuscript and Corrections
Other Deliverables
Authors Representations Warranties and Indemnity
Obligations of the Publisher
Agency Clause
Electronic Rights
So Is Anything Negotiable?
Deadlines Loom
Wheres My Advance?
The Sizzle for Your Steak
Whats Going on with My Book?
The Clocks Ticking
Go with the Guidelines
The Best Software
Proper Formatting
File Management Matters
What About the Pictures?
Id Like to Thank My FirstGrade Teacher
Garbage In Garbage Out
ByeBye Book
Production in a Nutshell
Join the Team
The Developmental Editor
The Production or Project Editor
The Art Director
The Copywriter
The Indexer
Over to You Now
Copy Editing Changes and Queries
Make a Friend for Life
Editor for a Day
Why Doesnt My Editor Ever Call Me?
When to Confess Youre in Trouble
A Short Course in the Sales Process
The Numbers Game
The Sales Conference
Printing and Shipping Your Baby and Warehousing the Rest
Book Shows
Then and Now
Novel Approaches
Chicken Soup for Everyone
The Complete Idiots Guide to Publicity
And Our Next Guest Is
Get Them to Come to You
Touring Libraries
Reality Check
Gonna Make You a Star
Getting on Regional Shows
Satellite Television Tours
Life Without Oprah
About That Plaid Jacket
What Really Works Online?
In Todays Newsletter
Creating Media Events
What Good Did That Do?
InHome Private Events
Effective Bookstore Events
Can You Really Afford a BestSeller?
Sold Once and Then Again
Returns to Sender
Coming Out Again?
Evaluating Your Success
But This Book Was Perfect
Moving On to the Next Phase
Everyone Is Going IndieShouldnt You?
The Biggest Benefits
The Biggest Pitfalls
Whats Right for You?
Promote Your Hip Indie Self
Whats Around the Corner?
Professional Associations
Publicity Agencies
Publishing Consultants
ShortRun and Print on Demand Book Printers
Websites of Note
Who You Should Follow on Twitter
Writing Retreats
Sample Proposal 1
Sample Proposal 2

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