Nervous and Mental Diseases

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Year Book Publishers, 1919 - Nervous system

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Page 27 - Gases of war neurosis are very rarely associated with external or somatic wounds. The vast majority of the psychoneurotic cases studied were among soldiers who had a neuropathic or psychopathic soil. In 74 per cent, of these...
Page 151 - We have found no evidence that Rosenow's serum under the conditions of the tests is effective therapeutically in monkeys or possesses antibodies of the same nature as those present in the blood of monkeys which have recovered from experimental poliomyelitis. Since the antibodies in convalescent poliomyelitic serum in man and the monkey are identical, it follows that any antibodies present in the Rosenow horse serum do not conform to those occurring in human convalescent serum.
Page 132 - From the brain and cord of these animals the organism may be isolated and the disease again produced. The organism has been rendered filtrable. By means of the same methods the identical organism has been isolated constantly from the brain and cord of monkeys paralyzed with fresh, glycerolated and filtered virus. The serums of persons and of monkeys having recovered from poliomyelitis agglutinate specifically the more sensitive strains both from human and monkey poliomyelitis.
Page 107 - ... first, the auditory and labyrinthine manifestations; second, the occipitofrontal pains with suboccipital discomforts; third, the incoordination and instability of cerebellar origin; fourth, the evidences of involvement of adjacent cerebral nerves; fifth, the indications of an increase in intracranial tension with a choked disc and its consequences; sixth, dysarthria, dysphagia, and finally cerebellar crises and respiratory difficulties.
Page 36 - For the safety, efficiency and economy of the military service, it is highly essential that nervous and mental diseases be recognized at the earliest possible moment. Nervous and mental diseases may, and frequently do, exist in persons who are strong, active and apparently healthy, and who make no complaints of disability. Such persons are, however, less than useless as soldiers, for they can not be relied on by their commanders, break down under strain, become an incumbrance to the Army and an expense...
Page 35 - ... sexual hunger is one of the most securely established in the whole of psychopathology; it is impossible here to consider the extensive evidence in support of this conclusion, and I can only refer to the published work on the subject3.
Page 132 - The results of Flexner and Noguchi, so far as the cultivation of a small filtrable organism and its demonstration in the tissues in poliomyelitis are concerned, have been corroborated, but the results of our experiments indicate that this is the anaerobic and, according to Amoss' results, a non-antigenic form of the organism which, under aerobic cultivation, clearly belongs to the streptococcus group of microorganisms.
Page 28 - ... the firing line Wolfsohn finds he can draw the following conclusions: Cases of war neurosis are very rarely associated with external or somatic wounds. The vast majority of the psychoneurotic cases studied were among soldiers who had a neuropathic or psychopathic soil. In 14 per cent of these cases a family history of neurotic or psychotic stigmata, including insanity, epilepsy, alcoholism and nervousness, was obtained, whilst a previous neuropathic constitution in the patient himself was present...
Page 38 - ... American armies has shown quite conclusively that such individuals are not capable of military service even in time of peace, and experience in the European armies has shown beyond question, that such individuals are not able to withstand the rigors of modern warfare. At critical times such individuals go to pieces, with the result that the military force is weakened, is hampered in the free performance of its function, and the Government is likely to be burdened after the war with the care of...
Page 32 - ... mind, to commit deeds and witness sights that are profoundly revolting to our aesthetic and moral disposition. All sorts of previously forbidden and buried impulses, cruel, sadistic, murderous, and so on, are stirred to .greater activity, and the old intrapsychical conflicts, which, according to Freud, are the essential cause of all neurotic disorders, and which had been dealt with before by means of

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