Signs before death, and authenticated apparitions: in 100 narratives, collected by Horace Welby

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Page 291 - The seer knows neither the object, time, nor place of a vision before it appears; and the same object is often seen by different persons living at a considerable distance from one another.
Page 121 - ... in the morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! and at even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning ! for the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.
Page 228 - It never came once into my father's study, till he talked to it sharply, called it deaf and dumb devil, and bid it cease to disturb the innocent children, and come to him in his study, if it had any thing to say to him.
Page 216 - ... hall, where the noise was, but it was then in the kitchen. She ran into the kitchen, where it was drumming on the inside of the screen. When she went round it was drumming on the outside, and so always on the side opposite to her. Then she heard a knocking at the back kitchen door. She ran to it, unlocked it softly, and when the knocking was repeated suddenly opened it, but nothing was to be seen. As soon as she had shut it the knocking began again. She opened it again, but could see nothing....
Page 293 - Johnson's definition, who calls it ' an impression, either by the mind upon the eye, or by the eye upon the mind, by which things distant and future are perceived and seen as if they were present.
Page 259 - ... that ever God will suffer you to spend all your days in this afflicted state; but be assured that your afflictions shall leave you, or you them in a short time.
Page 218 - We went up stairs; he with much hope, and I {to say the truth) with much fear. When we came into the nursery, it was knocking in the next room : when we were there, it was knocking in the nursery. And there it continued to knock, though we came in, particularly at the head of the bed (which was of wood) in which Miss Hetty and two of her younger sisters lay. Mr. Wesley, observing that they were much...
Page 155 - Much pains was taken by the Court to dispossess her of this spirit; but all would not do, till Lamb, then Dean of the Arches, shot her through and through, with an arrow borrowed from her own quiver...
Page 292 - ... seen above the middle, death is not to be expected for the space of a year, and perhaps some months longer; and as it is frequently seen to ascend higher towards the head, death is concluded to be at band within a few days, if not hours, as daily experience confirms.
Page 123 - ... would permit me to discover,) met us and passed by. I was a little surprised at it ; and though I had taken up a firm resolution to speak to it, yet I had not the power, nor indeed durst I look back, yet I...

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