Plays and Poems, Volume 1

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Ticknor and Fields, 1856
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Page 354 - May this spot stand till Guido's dearest blood Be mingled with thy own!" The soldiers say, In the close battle, when my wrath is up, The dead man's blood flames on my vengeful brow Like a red planet; and when war is o'er, It shrinks into my brain...
Page 377 - Farewell ! [Exit.'] Fran. Father, you seem distempered. Gui. No, my child, I am but vexed. Your husband 's on the road, Close to Ravenna.
Page 352 - Ve slept in down and satin all your years, Within the circle Lanciotto charmed Round Rimini with his most potent sword ! — Fellows whose brows would melt beneath a casque, Whose hands would fray to grasp a brand's rough hilt, Who ne'er launched more than braggart threats at foes ! — Girlish companions of luxurious girls!
Page 357 - I, the great twisted monster of the wars, The brawny cripple, the herculean dwarf, The spur of panic, and the butt of scorn — I be a bridegroom! Heaven, was I not cursed More than enough, when thou didst fashion me To be a type of ugliness, — a thing By whose comparison all Rimini Holds itself beautiful?
Page 383 - Fie! stupid girl! <But mark! the minstrels thronging round the Count ! Ah! that is more than gallant horsemanship. The soul that feeds itself on poesy, Is of a quality more fine and rare Than Heaven allows the ruder multitude. I tell you, Ritta, when you see a man Beloved by poets, made the theme of . song. And chaunted down to ages, as a gift Fit for the rich embalmment of their verse...
Page 441 - 11 not ! What, go to her, to feel her very flesh Crawl from my touch ? — to hear her sigh and moan, As if God plagued her ? Must I come to that ? Must I endure your hellish mystery With my own wife, and roll my eyes away In sentimental bliss ? No, no ! until I go to her, with confident belief In her integrity and candid love, I '11 shun her as a leper ! [Alarm-bells toll.] Mai.
Page 371 - ... hell, and pushed the devils by, Like a magnifico of Venice. Ere long, His heir was born; but then — ho! ho! — the brat Had wings upon his heels, and thievish ways, And a vile squint, like errant Mercury's, Which honest Vulcan could not understand ; — Can you?> PAOLO.
Page 381 - I know, — A limb delivered to the surgeon's knife, To save our general health. A truce to this. Paolo has the business in his hands : Let him arrange it as he will ; for I Will give Count Malatesta no pretext To recommence the war.
Page 469 - Paolo — why, thou sad and downcast man, Look up ! I have some words to speak with thee. Thou art not guilty ? Paolo. Yes, I am. But she Has been betrayed ; so she is innocent. Her father tampered with her. I — Fran.
Page 404 - T was all the same, she could talk and she would, She had no silly modesty; she dashed Straight in the teeth of any argument, And talked you deaf, dumb, blind. Whatever struck Upon her ear, by some machinery, Set her tongue wagging. Thank the Lord, she died! — Dropped in the middle of a fierce harangue, Like a spent horse. It was an even thing, Whether she talked herself or me to death. The latest sign of life was in her tongue ; It wagged till sundown, like a serpent's tail, Long after all the...

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