The Botanical Magazine, Or, Flower-garden Displayed: In which the Most Ornamental Foreign Plants, Cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-house, and the Stove, are Accurately Represented in Their Natural Colours ..., Volumes 7-8

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1794 - Botany
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Good scan. Color plates.

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Page 233 - this cavity, in the year 1719, afcended to the height of a foot and a ' half or two feet above the ground : but fince that time, the cave hav...
Page 252 - GARDENERS, as wilh to become fcientifically acquainted with the Plants they cultivate. By WILLIAM CURTIS, Author of the FLORA L.ONDINEN═IS.
Page 283 - Rose, as one of the most desirable plants in point of ornament, ever introduced to this country, its flowers large in proportion to the plant, are...
Page 247 - ... are tough and bitter. The feeds of the broccoli (of which there are feveral kinds, viz. the Roman or purple, the Neapolitan or white, and the black broccoli, with fome others, but the -Roman is preferred to them all), Ihould be fown about the latter end of May, or beginning of June, and •when the plants are grown to have eight leaves, tranfplant them into beds (as was direfted for the common cabbage) ; and toward the latter end of July they will be fit to plant out, which...
Page 279 - ... or seed-buds, the rudiments of future seed-vessels, surrounded by glandular substances, secreting a sweet liquid ; on the summit of these germina, and betwixt the two, stands the stigma, in the form of a little urn, the middle of which is encircled by a glandular ring, which secretes a viscid honey-like substance, to this part of the stigma the...
Page 283 - Laytonftone, whofe untimely death every perfon muft deplore, who is a friend to improvements in ornamental gardening : in procuring the rarer plants from abroad, more particularly from the Eaft:Indies, Mr.
Page 274 - Yellow is foft and brittle, and much ufed for boards, heels for fhoes, &c. alfo turned into bowls, trenchers, &c. The white is heavy, tough, and hard, and likewife fawed into joifts, boards, &c.
Page 283 - ... has more lately been introduced, and as far as we can learn from the fame fourcc.
Page 232 - March and continues in bloom three weeks or a month, rarely produces any seed, so that it is to be propagated only by dividing its roots ; it is a hardy herbaceous plant, a native of Germany, and will grow in almost any soil, provided it be planted in a shady situation.
Page 279 - Anther* above described, pushing it of necessity upwards : when gratified, not having the sense to place itself in the same position as that in which it stood when it inserted its trunk, and draw it out in the same direction downwards, unfortunately for it, it varies its position, and pulling its trunk upwards, draws it into the narrow part of the slit, where it becomes closely wedged in, and the more it pulls the more securely is it caught, and thus this heedless insect, as THOMPSON calls it, terminates...

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