Abredoniae Vtrivsque Descriptio: A Description of Both Touns of Aberdeen, Issue 5

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Spalding club, 1842 - Aberdeen (Scotland) - 95 pages
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Page 84 - JAMES, be the Grace of God King of Scottis, to all and sindry quhom it efferis.
Page 35 - ... futurum spectare valentibus • saluis nobis viridi et venacione tantum • Concedimus eciam eidem Burgo nostro • Burgensibus et Communitati eiusdem et eorum heredibus et successoribus • quod...
Page 35 - Robertus Dei gracia Rex Scottorum omnibus probis hominibus tocius terre sue Salutem. Sciatis nos pro salute anime nostre et pro salute animarum antecessorum et successorum nostrorum Regum Scocie Dedisse Concessisse et hac present!
Page 45 - Rex Scottorum omnibus probis hominibus tocius terre sue clericis et laicis salutem . Sciatis nos...
Page 56 - In cuius rei testimonium presenti carte nostre magnum sigillum nostrum apponi precepimus. Testibus ut in tercia carta precedente.
Page 52 - ... in futurum Et adeo libere quiete plenarie integre honorifice bene et in pace in omnibus et per omnia sicut...
Page 23 - Scotland does not boast of the edefice of any colledge more statelie or bewtifull. It is all covered with lead about, except one quarter, which is purposelie slaited; the church and great tower or steeple both builded of ashler: all the church windows of old wer of paynted glas; and ther remayns as yit a pairt of that ancient braverye. In this church W™. Elphingstoune lyes buryed, his tombe stone of black towtch stone; the upper pairt upheld of old by thretteine statues of brasse; his statua of...
Page 43 - ... contra omnes homines et feminas Warantizabimus acquietabimus et in perpetuum defendemus • In cuius rei testimonium...
Page 9 - Many houses have ther gardings and orcheyards adjoyning ; every garding hes its posterne, and thes are planted with all sorts of trees which the climat will suffer to grow ; so that the quholl toune, to such as draw neer it upon some syds of it, looks as if it stood in a garding or litle wood.
Page 16 - Burne runs beneath the west syde of the citie; upon the brink quhairoff [near] a litle stone bridge, at that pairt wher the brooke entereth the river Dee, the Carmelites of old had a convent, whoes church and quholl precinct of building wer levelled with the ground, that very day that the rest of the churches and convents of New Aberdeen wer destroyed. Ther remayneth theroff now onlie ane kilne, which standeth in the outmost south corner of the citie, known this day by the name of the Freer Kilne.

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