The Journal of Experimental Medicine

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Rockefeller University Press, 1898 - Medicine
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Page 522 - the relation of bovine to human tuberculosis must be somehow defined before a fairly helpless and frightened public. It seems to me that, accepting the clinical evidence on hand, bovine tuberculosis may be transmitted to children when the body is overpowered by large numbers of bacilli, as in
Page 529 - fatal doses from every culture, without regard to the way in which it had been produced or preserved, would also neutralize the same amount of antitoxin. Upon this belief was founded the Behring-Ehrlich definition of an antitoxin unit. The results of tests by different experimenters with the same antitoxic serum but with different
Page 473 - very rare occurrence. In inoculating these tubes, bits of tissue, which include tuberculous foci, especially the most recent, are torn from the organs and transferred to the serum. Very little crushing, if any, is desirable or necessary. I think many failures are due to the often futile attempts to break up firm tubercles.
Page 529 - Until within a fairly recent time the filtered or sterilized bouillon in which the diphtheria bacillus had grown and produced its " toxin " was supposed to require for its neutralization an amount of antitoxin directly proportional to its toxicity as tested in guinea-pigs. Thus, if from one bouillon culture
Page 136 - admission, but swarmed about, beating their heads against the wall of the organism. This occurred after 35 to 45 minutes. After the entrance of the flagellum the organism again became quiet and rather swollen, but although in the two instances in which this process was traced the fertilized form was watched for a long time,
Page 638 - absorbed by the lymphatics; the other is due to obstruction of liver capillaries by phagocytic cells derived in small part from the lining endothelium of the liver capillaries, but chiefly by embolism through the portal circulation of cells originating from the endothelium of the blood-vessels of the intestine and spleen. The liver cells lying between the occluded capillaries undergo necrosis and disappear.
Page 441 - The walls of these cells have a black appearance and masses of them are black and opaque under the microscope. They seem to represent masses of interlacing hyphse whose segments have been much shortened and widened, and otherwise changed. These black masses were kindly examined by Prof. WG Farlow of Harvard University, who considered them to be " sclerotia.
Page 522 - this from occurring, a rigid, periodic dairy inspection and the removal of all suspicious udder affections and all emaciated animals is as much as public health authorities can at present demand. Any measures beyond these belong to agriculture, with which the public health has no business to meddle, without endangering the chances of
Page 529 - this. He obtained from various sources twelve toxins and compared their neutralizing value upon antitoxin; these tests gave most interesting and important information. The results in six toxins, which are representative of the twelve, are as
Page 547 - we do not believe, therefore, that he has changed the principles of testing antitoxin, yet we believe he has contributed greatly to uniformity in results by calling attention to the necessity of selecting a suitable toxin and by employing and distributing an antitoxin as a standard to test toxins by. In this way smaller testing stations can make their results

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